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erotic-fiction-writer1Neve Black’s erotic words have her readers feeling that they’re at a private sex show, because the performers don’t realize they’re being watched.

This voyeuristic approach to writing suits Neve because she thinks most of the delicious story telling happens when no one thinks anyone is looking – or do they? 

Neve has been writing since she can remember and opted for a degree in English Literature from San Diego State University. Between studying the classics and surfing the Southern California coastline, somewhere she discovered her affection for writing stories.
Erotic Fiction:
Neve’s novel Sex through the Zodiac  was published in January, 2009. You can also read her erotic work in the on-line magazine Oysters and Chocolate, and various anthologies: Sex and San Francisco, Orgasmic, Erotica for Women, SwingErotic Stories of Every FlavorAmbrosiaMen in ShortsSex and Shoes, Orgasmic Anthology , XOXO: Sweet and Sexy Erotic Romance, scheduled to realease February, 2014 and most recentlyThe Big Book of Orgasms.
Other Fiction work:
Coming soon.
Neve can be contacted via e-mail at You can also find Neve’s daily musings on Facebook.

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