Dia de Los Muertos, aka, The Morning After Halloween

We had  bought enough treats to hand out to a hefty army of dressed-up Walking Dead tricksters (hipsters?), but sadly, we only had a total of about eight. And there were no Zombie, Elsa or kids performing a trick sightings either. We did have a My Little Pony, complete with rainbow-fashioned hair, which I thought was fantastic. As she trotted off into the night, reliable sources said this was Rainbow Dash.

After gleaning the impressive hair-do of Rainbow Dash last night, I looked this psychedelic character up on the internet. I found her, along with all her other flamboyant, equine friends. And holy Bronies, Batman… there’s quite a few of them, isn’t there…? Princess Celestial, Princess Luna, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, to name a few. How fun would it be to dress-up like the entire equestrian group?


Back in the day, a group of friends used to hostess the annual Halloween party of the century. We all picked a group theme to dress-up as. Examples were, Robert Palmer girls one year. Seven Dwarfs (with a twist) another year, and  we were Charlie’s Angels one year too -upon retrospect our version looked more like Charlie’s lil’ Devils than his Angels though.

Are your cogs turning for a group theme costume idea for next year? A friend from Cleveland’s daughter traditionally group-theme dresses-up every year with her friends in high school. This year they were the characters from the Netflick’s show, Orange is the New Black – I thought this was just brilliant:



Hoping your Halloween was full of tricks and treats ~

Neve Black

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