Someone To Watch Over Me

This week terror struck the Boston Marathon and my niece, Colleen was running in it. It’s very difficult to describe the panic one feels in your heart when you learn that someone you love might be in danger and there’s nothing you can do. It’s a feeling of uttter helplessness. I’m not writing this to make any  non-believers into believers, but somewhere, someone was watching over my family.

This a letter is from her dad, my brother-in-law after Collen and her husband, Brian arrived safely back in San Diego:

“Colleen just got home.  She ran 25 1/2 miles of the 26 mile marathon before race officials told them the marathon was cancelled.  She walked the 1/2 mile back to the hotel, thinking Brian was in danger there at the Finish Line waiting for her.  Once they were back in the hotel, it was locked down for security.  Another bomb was found in the outside corridor by the hotel.  Brian had received a text stating that Colleen was running a 3 min mile and had already finished, and that’s why he left the finish line before the bomb went off. He thought he had missed her. He then proceeded to the meeting spot they had decided upon. The person watching her time, didn’t know that she had slowed down and was no longer making that kind of time. Thank God they are home and safe!”

I am not much of religious type of person. I moved passed my religious up-bringing a long time ago. I deeply respect those that find peace and strength in their religious credo. And even though I don’t find solace in religion per se, I am a very spirtual person. I suppose I’m more like some of the writer’s that lived before me, like William Wordsworth, or Emily Dickenson, who both found God in nature, natural things.

Part of my spirtual belief comes from an innate feeling in my gut that I just know there is a benevolent force that surrounds me all the time.

This force is intangible in its nature, so I’m unable to wrap my arms around it, but I still can feel its presence. I know its watching over me and protecting me. Why do I know this to be true? Because there have been too many times in my life when something greater than me has intervened and pulled me from out of harms way. I don’t think that’s because I’m just lucky either. I like to think that we all have spirits that watch over us. These spirtual directors in our lives throw subtle and sometimes not so subtle signs our way to try and push us all towards taking a differnt path, making a better, healthier choice, or providing us with a sign when we need it the most.

None of us get out out of here alive. Destiny awaits all of us, and I don’t think its been my destined time, or my niece and her husband’s time either to leave this life yet. And like so many times before, the spirtual force stepped in and protected when we walked to close to the edge.

Neve Black


I‘m starting to review and edit furniture, clothes and books that I own as my time living here in Cleveland comes to an end and I head west permantly this summer. One thing I’m not leaving behind are the felines I’ve collected while living here. Before too long, I suspect five pussies will lose their native NEO tongues and begin speaking a whole new lingo. Gods help us.

Neve Black