Breaking Bad Is So Good


I don’t find many shows on television very good, which is why I don’t have any of the various cable-related services. Hells, I don’t even own a television. So when some of my most well respected writer/artist friends hammered convinced me, with great zeal to become addicted watch a television show called, Breaking Bad – I was suspicious.

How good could Breaking Bad really be?

Quite frankly, I snubbed the entire idea of watching the show. I have a love/hate relationship with television. Let’s be honest, a lot of what’s on television these days, or days gone by, is nothing but mind-numbing nonsense. Noisy, vacuously-bovine shows filling the empty hollows of our often already washed-out brains from the daily tediousness of life. There’s nothing wrong with vacuously-bovine, I suppose, but a brain needs nourishment too. Too many empty calories of the poorly written, badly directed and going nowhere plot lines, all in the name of Neilson Ratings can’t be good for you. Also, I’m always fearful of getting sucked into the ETCS: empty-caloric, television-watching, couch-potato syndrome. I know plenty of smart, articulate, vibrant people this has happened to: here today; gone to T.V. land tomorrow – never to be heard from again.

With all that being said, I pushed my fears aside and took a leap of faith – trusting the good judgment of fellow writers and off to Amazon I went and proceeded to download Breaking Bad Season I.

Season I: Whoa! I felt like I’d just witnessed the second coming in terms of television writing, directing and acting. How the hell did this show get past my radar for so long? Never mind, we already know the answer to that question. Wincing through the violence, shaking my head at the utter stupidity of the two main character’s decision to take on a life of crime, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, I watched the first season in less than a week. Watching Breaking Bad was like heroine. I took on one sensational episode after the next. And before I could say, crystal meth, I’d slipped into the dark side of ETCS, even if I didn’t own a television and I was viewing the show from my 15” laptop screen.

Obsessively I purchased Season II and greedily obliterated it: filling my mind with more violence and the shock of just how really, damn good the show was, while simultaneously scratching my head and repeatedly asking myself, “this was written for television…really…?” Holy hells, this shit is good. Before too long, I was talking like Jesse Pinkman, dropping yo and biatch like they were common words in my non-television watching vocabulary. Oh, and I also pulled out my pork-pie hat, similar to the one Walter White wears when he starts to realize how good breaking bad feels.

 Why is it so good to Break Bad? Breaking Bad has believable characters, both the acting and directing are stellar – and the writing…well, it’s superb. The story in of itself escalates at a steady life-of-crime rate, the music is amazing and camera direction is fantastic. It’s without question a great show because it contains all these things I’ve mentioned. But like the recipe that produces those perfect, blue crystals, there’s something else to this show’s successful ingredients too – I like to think it’s because we all secretly want to break bad – and really what better way is there to break some bad, while conveniently avoiding prison, than going for the ride of your life with Jesse and Walter?

I’m now watching Season V, which is the final season of this show – I suppose that now makes me a veteran of Breaking Bad, as well as couch potato, yo!


 Television is not so bad,
Neve Black