Pretty Feet

WalkingOkay, maybe it’s because summer is fastly approaching  here - that I’m just going to shoot straight from-the-hip metatarsal , and say it loud and clear – I have a special kinda’ thing for feet. And not just any kind of feet either, but pretty feet. I like good- looking feet, and let’s throw toes in there too. My feeling about feet and toes is the same way some people admire a nice set of really good boobs, athletically- shaped legs, bounce-a-coin from firm ass-cheeks, washboard abs, or… is that a firm, ripe banana in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?  kinda’ oooh, la, la, shling-shlong.  

And don’t get me wrong, I admire all those other refined assets which I’ve described above as well, but cast your eyes down past a tasty thigh, a rippled calf and a delicate ankle…and behold…there you’ll find the sexy, tootsies, the piggies, the popsickle toes!  A really,  pretty pair would surely make an atheist start believing in God, me thinks.

Call me a foot fetisher, if you will, but I’ve noticed some people have the corner on feet  – like my boyfriend for example. He just happens to have incredible, pretty feet.  The soles of his feet never seem to callus, so his feet are always soft and fun to touch -and they’re flat, with just the hint of an arch – which is perfect for standing on a board and riding the surf. Perfect. His feet are long, but not too long. Too long can sometimes look circus-act-like. I’m not into that, but hey…to each their own, right? BF has nice girth dimension as well - ahem…yes, I’m still speaking about his feet here, boys and girls. And his toes are beautiful -each one just a wee-bit bigger than the next, and so on.

Do you like your feet? I do like mine – I like their shape and size. And I do think I was born with good toes. I haven’t had any plastic surgery implants on my toes or feet. They’re 100% naturally mine. I’m proud of them.  I do however take good care of what the universe gave me. I painstakenly pedicure my feet no less than twice per month; using the brushing device to clean them up nicely, and then pumice stoning the soles, to rid my poor feet of all the wear and tear. I’m hard on them. I expect a lot. I push back the cuticles on each one of my piggies, cut the nails so they’re straight and neat, and then depending on my mood and the season of course - I generously apply polish – - there’s an array of colors that run the gamut from muted wine to watermelon vibrant. And they all live together in my nail accroutement container. The finished pedicure is 10, breathtaking, popsickle toes.  The last step to my process is slathering on loads of whipped creamy moisturizer. I run my hands back and forth, and between each toe; across the tops and underneath. Massaging each delicated drop of moisture into every lovely inch. The feet are now soft and happy. And I find I’m happiest when they are.

Here’s my foot fetish advice to each of you: if you haven’t already done so – give your feet some special care and show them off this summer. Give them a kiss. Kiss a friend’s feet and toes as well.  Simply enjoy your own pretty feet and do enjoy the pretty feet of others too.


Popsickle Toes
Neve Black