Tragic Loss of Innocence

10 years’ ago today I was working on East Ninth Street, in the Ohio Savings Bank building, downtown Cleveland. As I worked away on my computer, my boss poked her head around the corner with a shrill and fright in her voice, “I think something just happened to the World Trade Center!” …Oh, the sinking feeling in my stomach…and the madenning sickness continued as we learned about Tower II, and then flight 93 that flew bravely above us.  Rumors swelled, and there was real fear in people’s faces. Most people I know went home to their families to huddle around television sets. My family lived in California; they were too far to get to. And we were all safe, but didn’t know it at that time. 

I wanted to push out the horrific; the sadness – the tragic loss of innocence. I wanted to surround myself with quiet, and non-chaotic, so I played golf with two close friends that afternoon. It was ominously quiet on the golf course, and I think we were the only people on the greens.  It felt like time just stopped. If only for a moment.  And in retrospect, I think time stopped for everyone that lived through that day.

As I listen to NPR this morning in rememberance, today I will pay my respects to the country I live in, for all of those that lost their lives, and to the their families – and instead of playing golf, I will run hard, and quietly. Write my thoughts - and never forget that day -
Neve Black

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