Colombia: Bogota y Cartagena


So, I’ve been home now for a couple of weeks’ after letting the tip of my nose gently graze over the equator.  I had journaled my thoughts randomly while I was on this trip, and originally I thought I would blog  several postings about this adventure…similar to what posted last year when I was in Kuala Lumpur, but  a day-in-and-day-out explanation just isn’t singing to my writing voice this time, my friends. I didn’t blog my thoughts when I traveled to Spain either, but instead, I’ve drawn on those thoughts from time to time while writing a story, or remembering something specific from that trip, and referring back to it for one reason or another.  So, where does that leave you if wanted to learn more about my travels? Well, what can I say other than this:  

I had an amazing time and travel adventure in Colombia! I ate new and interesting foods, and met some, incredibly delicious people from all over the world. And each person that crossed my path was full of life’s promise and fortune. I was ravished by a pirate in Cartagena, studied Spanish in the heart of Bogota, swam the Carib del Mar, and enjoyed muchas puestas del sol (sunsets) while sitting on a canon and sipping Club Colombias.  I learned mucho Spanish, which was one of my objectives for the trip, but upon retrospect and the topography of Colombia, I think I should be speaking better Pirate. Ole’ – Arghhh!

Lastly, I’m happy to report, el autobus (actually los autobuses) going to Cartagena really do exist…and for just a brief moment, I pretended that I was Kathleen Turner from the movie Romancing the Stone, as I huskily inquired with the bus driver, “Es el autobus para Cartagena?”  Naturally he replied, “Si’, si’, es el autobus para Cartagena, Senora Kathleen!”


Neve Black