Too Much? Just Right? Not Enough?


In less than two weeks’ I’ll be taking flight to explore a region of the world I’ve never seen before. I’m really starting to get excited about my trip. So much so that I have the obnoxiously, LARGE green suitcase out; already filled with what I’m taking  I think I’m taking on this trip. For the most part, when I travel out of the country, I’m usually pretty good about keeping things simple; packing light; using the small, black and inconspicuous, carry-on suitcase, because I’ve learned how to stretch the use of one, lonely black skirt multiple times. Heh.

This trip is a little different though. I’m headed to three completely different cities, and each are all climatically different, thus the need to think smart about the use of that black skirt…and then perhaps some…more.

I’ll be in school everyday, studying Spanish for one full week while in the city of Bogota, where the elevation is as high as the cocaine being exported from there. And even though it’s S.America, the temperatures can be a bit chilly at night. I then leave Bogota and say adios to school and hola to the beach, sun and surf. The temperature in Cartagena is hot, Hot and HOT. I’m also meeting a very handsome and sexy man on the second leg of this trip, so that means I need to make room for fun and sexy items inside Mr. Green Obnoxious!

Oh, and between home and Colombia, I’m stopping for short visit in San Diego Doug to visit family, friends  and go to a U2 concert. So, you can see my suitcase packing ways requires a bit of creativity on my part. Creative is my midle name when it comes to things like story telling, decorating and putting the perfect outfit together…but packing all that into one suitcase? Eeesh. ?Como cest dice, SOS en Espanol todos?

Here’s what *I think* I’m taking:

black skirt (the old stand-by)
denim skirt (the alternative when I can’t possibly put the black one (above) on…again!)
2 long flowing dresses/skirt (good dinner solutions)
2 short dresses (girls’ must show off their legs in sun dresses)
pink, turquois and black camis (I don’t wear bras)
pink, black, turquois tank-tops (like how they coordinate with the cami’s above?)
2 pairs of shorts (yes, two pair)
2 bathing suit tops; 3  bathing suit bottoms (trying to be frugal here)
1 black long-sleeved shirt (layering)
1 white long-sleeved shirt (layering and sun protection)
1 pair of flip-flops (seriously. one. pair. I. swear!)
1 pair of sandals (sparkly ones)
1 pair of low black heels (cute, sexy, but practical for strolling cobbled streets)
1 pair of comfortable walking shoes (plan to walk to and from school each morning)
3 pairs of underwear (I might scale back to only 2 pairs…I’m a commando girl most of the time)
1 light-weight, windbreaker jacket (what if it rains?)
1 multi-colored pink scarf (add color to outfits without  packing jewerly)
1 floppy, sun hat (my pale, Irish skin)
toiletry bag (necessito)

So, how’d I do with my packing? Too much? Just right? Not enough? Whaddaya’ think?


Neve Black