Colombia…It’ s Not Just About Coke and Coffee…


So, I’m rather remiss on posting to this blog.  It’s been an Oscar minute, hasn’t? Yes, I know, this blog belongs to a sex writer, who hasn’t been keeping up getting it up lately. Yep, I know… I probably need to take a blue pill and get busy busier. Yo.

I will say I have been writing when I can (insert: corporate America job cripples and sucks my creative juices dry), and I’ve been thinking about sex a lot (a rhetorical statement, really).  And sure, my writing hand pens, or actually taps the keys towards good, mind-blowing orgasms, however I’ve also been thinking about other things too. What you ask? Well, my trip planned to S.America in a couple of months for one thing (see picture of cool Colombian jeep above). I’m tickled from head-to-toe in Spanish to be headed deep south to study Spanish in Bogota and then travel to Cartagena to beachy-frolick, eat, play and ask some Spanish-speaking public bus driver, “?Es este el autobús para Cartagena?”

What’s been keeping you busy? What’s your blue pill secret?


Escrito de Sexo
Neve Black