It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

red carpet madness, baby….  


I mentioned recently to someone the Academy Awards is like Christmas for me.  I love the whole damn, ridiculously commercial experience just. that. much. Yes, I know it’s cheeky, and dirty-like political, and yes, I do know many very good films get snubbed by the uppity Academy Awards panel, but damnit, I can’t help it, I loves all of it. I’m giddy as a kitty for that long, steely, golden Oscar rod -




I enjoy the late time in December when Oscar starts nodding his golden head to films he likes, and then like the obedient film junky that I am, I’m in a mad dash to see as many Oscar nodded films as my dance card will hold. Of course, like every year, not all the films have been released in all the theaters yet (note: I don’t live in NYC or LA), so I wait… impatiently, and start to stalk my local theater’s website for a crumb, or a smear of information about when these films are scheduled to show. Oh, it’s a teeter-totter ride of high-anxiety with a side of anticipation, but it’s worth it. Only a select few  receive Oscar worthy attention. It’s all a big game for me, call it Neve Black Oscar Sports. I’m running over the line of Oscar scrimmage each and every year, surely to break a nail, stub my toe, or scrape a knee.  Oh, the tension, the fury…the zeal that burns inside my belly. Minutes pass to hours; hours to days, and then before you know it,  it’s Golden Globe time. Golden Globe winners are usually, but not always a shoe-in for receiving a prestigious Oscar. Oooh, I feel the spirit of Oscar welling up inside of me just typing these thoughts to you now.

For the past three years’ now, I’ve been participating in a just east of Hollywood (okay, okay, OKAY *shrugs* so Cleveland is really far east of Hollywood) Oscar party. We do it up here so that Hollywood would be proud. I buy a gown (tangerine and silk this year, uh-huh), shimmery shoes (tall, strappy and sexy, uh-huh) to match, and frosting-like jewerly. I get dolled up for our red carpet extravaganza. And so does everyone that attends the party as well. It’s really a lot of fun. Of course it is! How couldn’t it be? It’s the Oscars, baby.  And this year, like last year, I’m playing Mistress of Ceremonies. For all the guests that attend and walk the prestigious red carpet, I’ll be asking them certain red carpet related questions, like who and what they’re wearing (which designer) who they’re with that evening (spouse, lover, or both) and who are their 2011 Oscar predictions are.  The projector fills up the BIG screen with the Hollywood/Kodak Theater, so everyone gets play-by-play results of the Super Bowl for movies, the Oscars.

Interesting in attending the east of Hollywood party this year? Please let me know, and I’ll speak with my cousin, who knows a friend that knows a friend that’s friends with the director. :-)

Happy Oscar Countdown
Neve Black

An Old Friend

Tonight my legs feel like wet noodles after riding the Spin bike and then following up the sweat-burn ride with Yoga. Whew. Wet noodles, I tell you.  Spynga (45 minutes of Spin and 30 minutes of Yoga) is my new fitness obsession. Spinning is an old friend – I was a Spin junkie for a long time, and then I just got burned out; moved to Yoga and also walking or running outside. I like the yin and yang combination of getting a good, hard cardio work-out, and then following it up with a full body stretch and calmness. I’m still getting my run groove on outside; bounding through snow, sleet and muck, but I must admit, I’ve missed having a  bike between my legs…sore sitz bones and all, it’s been good visiting this old friend.

I feel powerful and strong, and damn, Spinning lifts my ass like no other sport, except for maybe surfing, but Lake Erie is not an option for this girl. Yeah, the mind, body, bike experience is really a great high for me. And Yoga is truly the yin I need to balance out my over-active yang.


What old friends have you seen lately? And how do you balance your yin and yang?


Neve  Black