New Story Idea + Internet Imagery + Sugar/Salt Snacks + Silence = Success

That’s my formula for writing a story – I’m not sure about any of you fellow writers out there, but I’ve found when I write, I often use the internet to search for necessary

visual stimulating images in order to gather the perfect words when developing a character, melville  or perhaps, to describe a specific item of clothing.


Or sometimes, against my better judgment, I look up the ingredients to the type of snacks I’m rotting my teeth with, red-vines  while my fingers try and catch up to mind’s dirty, dirty thoughts.

And as much as I enjoy listening to music found on the internet to help capture a thought,  a scene, or describe and build a character, I can’t listen to music while I write.  And I know some very successful writers that do, while their minds and fingers fill the blank pages with words.  For me, the music becomes too much of a distraction and before too long, I’m tapping my foot, and singing along, like a fool - and not writing. Okay, so maybe a little classic jazz can sometimes be heard from the another room, while my fingers tongue n’ groove their way into the keys, like tonight.  But the music  is an ever so gentle melody; soft as a whisper. I feel I do my best naughty-tale telling when my mind is clear and my immediate world around me is quiet:   stand-still quiet; pin-drop quiet; epic-quiet, ssssh-quiet, quiet-please-quiet.



What about you? Music when you write, or no? High in caloric, sodium and sugary snacks when you write? And what are you working on these days and who are some of your internet role models?

Neve Black



How about a little girl-on-girl (meow) action to help stoke the holiday fires, kittens?  Select the link from the title,  Non-Traditional and enjoy a rockin’-randy,  holiday story  -  oh, and be sure and be extra naughty these days, because Santa is making his list – so tell me,  is a new whip at the very top of your list?


Happy Holidayz
Neve (Crack!) Black

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