Giving Thanks

I currently have four felines living with me and they give me great joy. One of them is a newer addition; recently taken from the cruel jaws of the city streets. Yes, I know, snicker if you must and call me a cat-lady, but this is something that I do. I can’t and won’t turn my back on these creatures. So inside the house that I reside in currently, which as you may know, isn’t really my house, because I’m rehabbing my house… I live with Snoop Dogg, Boo, Stache and Tilde. All of these pussies were once living outside on the streets; pussies from the hood, I often like to call them, because they were either abandoned, or simply the forgotten off-spring to a young and highly prolific mother.

I also feed somewhere between three and four cats at any given time that live outside too. There are so many cats living in my neighborhood without homes that my yard is a constant rotation of felines: white, black, gold, gray, spotted, old and new: it’s a merry-go-round of pussies living just past the sliding glass door that opens onto the patio and onto the private back yard. The good news is, I’ve been successful capturing most of these cats and getting them to a doctor for check-ups, shots, spay or neutering. And yes, this cat-lady does her best to try and find each of them a warm and loving home. I’ve been lucky to find homes for a few that I’ve fostered. Sadly though, I’ve had to euthanize a few as well. Regrettably, there just aren’t enough people in the world willing to adopt a cat, let alone one that has a disease. I cry every time I’ve had to make that choice for that creature and I like to think that their next life will find them living in a warm and loving environment. I feel their energy living within me and they help guide me to continue to help others, like them.

I truly believe if I lived in a city that had a surplus of any kind of animal that walked across my path and was in need of help, I would probably be providing the same service to those fellow creations – hell, if I lived in the Chilean Andes; I’d have a herd of llamas…llama-lady? My point is, regardless of what type of God’s creation, for me, stepping in and offering food, love, warmth, snuggles and doctor’s care, just feels like the right thing to do. Maybe because I’ve been so fortunate in my life to be given much love and care from others, and my  life seems rich in that respect, so this is my way of giving back – offering thanks.

So, as we spend this week preparing for the traditional holiday of Thanksgiving by spending time with our family and friends, and sitting down to stuff our faces full of delicious traditions served hot from the oven, please remember to give thanks to all the creatures in your life. After all, we’re all God’s creatures and we all have much to be thankful for each and every day.


Happy Thanksgiving -
Neve Black

Short n’ Dirty

I wrote this story last summer when I had a lot more time to write a lot more stories, because I was sort of being a lazy-ass, living the good, but sans money life of not working. Yo.

So tonight as I did a little website update, I thought, “Neve, I wonder if some people might be a wee-bit tired of your film critic-ways?” And just like that, I decided instead of an erotic blog post filled with film, film, film all the time, I’m going to try and post a new erotic short n’ dirty once a month, or so…at least that’s the goal. Wish me luck with that one, because you know how much I can get swept away with film.


Enjoy Gander, Goose, Gander
Neve Black