Ritual de lo Habitual

Senores y Senoras,
Nosotros tenemos mas influencia con sus hijos que tu tiene…pero los queremos -
creado y regalo de Los Angeles, Jauna’s Addiction:


Turn off that smokestack,  and that goddamn radio… hum along with me, while I study – and not stop.
Neve Black


p.s. if feels really good to finally intrepret what the fuck she was saying at the beginning of this song. Ole’.

An Auditory Voyeur’s Wet Dream


I’m working on a new project with some very witty and talented artist/friends.  It’s a collaboration of efforts – erotic prose dancing rhythically with music - and we’re calling this project, An Auditory Voyeur’s Wet Dream, thus the title of today’s post.  

The unveiling of this project has a date set, so be sure and save it: Friday, January 14, 2011 at Mastrioanni Photography and Arts Gallery during Tremont’s art walk.

Here’s a little taste for your ears:  in_granada

Neve Black wishes to give thanks to Simple Minded Brute for adding the cool sounds behind my voice above.


Neve Black

The Neve Black Triathlon

This past week, I’ve been swimming in Spanish, running fast, and working like crazy –

I started school again last week. And I’m swimming in Spanish verbs, pronouns, indirect pronouns and new vocabulary words. And for most of the weekend, I’ve been sequestered to studying. My brain actually hurts. It’s been a minute since I’ve bathed in the agua de Espanol.

I’m also still working in the corporate American coal mines, while coordinating my house rehab project, searching for time to get in some reading, film watching and trying to write whenever the Spanish rip-tide sets me free.

My FB post this past week referenced my need for more time (necessito tiempo mas). I’m doing what I can to cut a corner here, so I can gain a little more time there. For example, I’ve started running again, instead of taking long, leisurely walks that last for at least an hour. And like Espanol, running and I have some catching up to do– we’re getting reacquainted: brain hurts from studying and quads are sore from running stairs earlier this morning.

Not sure what the triathlon prize is when all is said and done…oh wait, I suppose I do know that answer – a better swimmer, a faster runner and hopefully corporate America can kiss my toned, from running ass –  adios.


How was your week?


Neve Black

Blind Chances and Sliding Doors

Just so you know, I haven’t really taken a hiatus from quantum leaping – my interests are simply diverse, and my schedule is busy, thus I haven’t blogged about parallel universes lately. And yes, it’s highly probable that I might have some version of attention deficit disorder, hence the term diversity is really just a nice way of saying that have a rather short attention span – okay, whatev.. tomato, diverse.





I wanted to share that I had the opportunity to re-visit one of my all-time favorite films this weekend, Blind Chance – directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Blind Chance is the deterministic story about missing or catching a train and the trio of possible futures associated with that circumstance. Kieslowski’s films have strong political over-tones, which I find to be cat-nip, because it appeals to another one of my diverse interests, history.

Blind Chance paved the way for another film with a similar plot, Sliding Doors.


Sliding Doors is more well known than its predecessor, as the film made its leap from independent no-name to house-hold name. And Doors is much more of a comedic version to Kieslowski’s original. Doors doesn’t offer an ounce of political reference, but still, I’ve always been a lover of this film.

If you have any interest in quantum physics, or free will versus determinism, and haven’t seen Blind Chance, and chances are you haven’t because Kieslowski’s films are hard to come by, check your library for a copy before renting a copy of Sliding Doors.

Either way, both films make you think about your choices, or at the very least, thinking twice about paying attention long enough to catch that train.


Happy Parallel Universes To You
Neve Black

More Sugar and Spice!


Someone I know is celebrating a very special birthday today! Who you ask? Well, let me give you a couple of hints (no fair peeking at the moderatly handsome face above. Yeah, I know,  right…moderately handsome.

Okay, so here we go:

Today is the birthday of the forever funny, the deeply senstive, the deliciously talented writer of erotica and more, the gourmet chef, the excellent keeper of his God sons, the wonderful friend to all humans and beastlies alike. He’s all these things, and he’s my friend – plus, let’s be honest,  he’s drop-dead gorgeous too - Danielle De Santiago!

Happy Birthday Danielle – have lots of sugar and lots of spice – you deserve it!


Neve Black



I had mentioned to you recently here, dear reader, that surgery was in my near future. I was so sure that I was planning for it: making arrangements to have my mom come stay with me, scheduling leave from work, lamenting over having to miss a semester of classe de Espanol. Ugh.


The surgery was needed because I found out that I have a cyst inside my uterus. And this non-cancerous, golf ball-sized interloper is causing me grief. I learned of its existence by happenstance really - the cause and effect modus operandi was more like, A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Forum, if you will. I wanted to remove this thing – after all, who wants an intruder inside their uterus? Okay, don’t answer that. This is primarily an erotic blog, after all. 


La doctora numero uno expressed concern; telling me that yes, she could remove this golf ball, but because of its location – I would have to essentially be ripped open.

“Um…what…? No teeny-tiny incision just under the belly button, kinda-quicky recovery?” 


Surgery was a large, steely, sharp and dangerous instrument skulking about my nether region. Fear struck me fast and furiously. Let’s be honest here, not only did I not want to have surgery, but I really, really didn’t want to have surgery on my soft and sensitive body parts; cutting into layers and layers of delicious tissue that I’ve grown rather fond of - and that have been doing just fine for years. Yikes!


No call back to schedule this nightmare after being promised a no later than date. That date passes.


I find myself increasingly irritated with the fact that I’m pursuing something I don’t really want to begin with…and this is when the light bulb went on…um, over my head. And I don’t know about any of you, but I take light bulbs going on without electrical switches as a sign.

I suppose it was luck that the administrative office of la doctora numero uno was a complete disorganized debacle. So much so, that I started to have second thoughts. I seriously envisioned my uterus falling through the cracks and finding its way into someone else’s 8.5 x 11 manilla  folder - lost forever. Yikes! 

Before too long, fear was replaced with doubt. More doubt ensued. And then logic kicked in.

“Hello logic. Where ya’ been, buddy?”

Soon I found my normal credulous nature had become increasingly skeptical of the medical office’s lack of organizational skills. Logic convinced me to get a…wait for it…second opinion. Someone I know recommended another doctor: enter el doctor numero dos.

“He works at the Clinic, he sits on the board, he’s really good, I highly recommend him….”

Okay, I’m convinced. I call and make an appointment; not leaving out any of the sordid details to the poor woman that answered the telephone.

Tick-tock -tick-tock.

More time passes as I hurry up and wait for my scheduled visit. The day arrives, which was actually just last Friday.  Expecting the worst, I came prepared: I sat in the doctor’s office waiting room with a book on quantum physics –I needed something to keep my mind occupied – an escape hatch to another world perhaps, while I waited for what I thought would be a long time. Much to my surprise, only five minutes passed before the nurse called my name: a good sign. I was escorted into see el doctor numero dos within minutes after I’d given the nurse my vagina’s detailed history – this took a minute…but I digress. El doctor numero dos gave me six, yes six different options for the insidious, free-loading golf ball. The last and the least recommended option in his opinion was…wait for it…surgery.

Suffice to say, I’m electing for the least invasive option to manage my golf ball, which means no surgery is on the horizon anytime soon for this pussy cat.



Neve Black

Films, Films, Films…

…let me count the ways why I love you so….Between a myriad of different events going on during what marks the last weekend of summer, my hero, John Ewing is showing some spectacular films this weekend at the world famous (including hard seats) CIA, Cinematheque:


“Colin Farrell and Stephen Rea star in ONDINE, the magical new film by Ireland’s Neil Jordan (THE CRYING GAME). The movie is a fantasy about an Irish fisherman who captures a beautiful and mysterious woman in his net one day; his wheelchair-bound daughter believes her to be a selkie, a mythic seal that can take human form. The Christian Science Monitor calls ONDINE “blarney carried to rhapsodic heights.” Catch it Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.”


“Michel Hazanavicius’s 2009 French film OSS 117 – LOST IN RIO is an “uproariously funny” (Boxoffice) follow-up to 2006’s OSS 117: CAIRO – NEST OF SPIES. This time the titular French secret agent travels to Brazil to look for a microfilm containing the names of France’s WWII-era Nazi collaborators. (The year is 1967.) This wry, knowing spoof of sixties spy movies (and French suavity and sophistication) overflows with clever references to classic movies. Catch it Friday or Saturday in a 35mm color & scope print. “


“Howard Hawks’ 1953 comedy musical GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES stars Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell as two shapely singers and gold-diggers who must contend with all manner of men on a transatlantic ocean crossing. Marilyn’s rendition of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” is an iconic screen moment. Don’t miss this beloved classic — which was #6 on Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s list of his 10 favorite films — in a new, fully-restored 35mm color print this Saturday or Sunday. ”

“The best film we saw at this year’s Cleveland Int’l Film Festival returns for one more screening! Jessica Hausner’s 2009 Austrian drama LOURDES stars the amazing Sylvie Testud as a paraplegic with MS who makes a pilgrimage to the famous French Catholic shrine. (It’s one of the few excursions available to people in wheelchairs.) There she and her fellow pilgrims navigate crowds and negotiate each others’ foibles to seek blessing, healing, love, perhaps even a miracle. But do they find them? ”


Sharing the film wealth with you -
Neve Black


p.s. I would have linked the Cinematheque URL in this post, but their link appears to be broken right now. God speed to link recovery.