Crazy Heart


I would be remiss if I didn’t write a commentary on a film I’d seen that gained Oscar attention. So, amidst wrapping up a sexy story that’s making me really horny (which I’ve noted as another blog post for the future), staring at an empty suitcase that needs to be filled with items for a trip 1/2 on the other side of the world, and surveying what the contractors have done this week to my house, I finally saw the film, Crazy Heart.

For those that don’t remember, this film was nominated for an Oscar. Jeff Bridges won for his role as Bad Blake, the worn-out, alcoholic, relationship fuck-up, and C&W performer.

What can I say other than I fucking loved this film. It was perfect. The acting, which also starred, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Robert Duvall and Colin Farrell, the script, the length, the plot, the cinematography, and the music…all of is was sensational. And might I mention, I am by no means a C&W fan what-so-evah, but I might have to purchase the film as well as the CD soundtrack. It’s a keeper and I highly, highly recommend watching this winner.

Finally, I once again have goose pimples over my renewed hope and faith in the Academy Awards. I’m so pleased that the Academy supported, nominated and chose Jeff Bridges for his role. Thumbs up, guys. Nice job.

Neve film snob Black

Porn Interrupted By The World


I’m writing porn. At this very moment too. I’m putting the finishing touches on a story where there’s quite a bit of fucking going on. Yeah, I know, porn writing isn’t really anything new for me, but this year has brought many changes in my life, to include a demanding, corporate America job, and lets face it, I’m a lefty liberal, free-bird, so working in the confines of the corporate world as been quite an, uh-huh – a-d-j-u-s-t-m-e-n-t.  I’m also essentially (fuck essentially, I’m gutting it like fish that’s ready for the sushi chef) rebuilding a house that’s a mere 110 years old. I’ve also delved into taking my fascination with language and the entire Spanish culture more seriously by studying Espanol this year. I was on a summer break from language, but my out-of-the-blue trip to Kuala Lumpur next week has me trying to speak Malay: so it’s back to the language drawing board for Neve again.  Let’s just say, my cup runneth over with changes this year.

The reason I bring this up is because as I start writing, I find my mind goes like this: I wanted to fuck her. She was beautiful, with full, lips, and hips that swayed, like palm trees in a warm, tropical breeze…fuck…did I remember to tell the electrician about moving that circuit box over so the plumber can pull the pvc pipe upstairs? Or, oh, my God, I cannot believe this account makes billions of dollars each year, and they’re a bunch of whiny-ass babies….so I reached for her; pulling her into the ache of my core…Saya nak beli (which translates from Malay to English as: I’d like to buy.

What the fuck is the matter with me?

Seriously though. This is how I write these days. I take breaks to eat, do some laundry, pet a pussy or three, check FB, blog, answer my phone, while I think about the whirlwind of events churning around me. Does anyone else experience this? How do you block out the world and just get your porn writing on anyway?


Adios and Selamat tinggal
Neve Black


p.s. I used the word fuck quite a lot in this post, didn’t?

Green Light District


I’m lucky to call her my friend, and shes also one hell of a writer - Emerald exposes both her inner and her outer beauty this week at F-stop.

Won’t you join me and celebrate this fantastic woman’s essay on how she kicked OCD in the teeth for good? And hey, no one say’s FUCK YOU quite she can.


Wearing green flip-flops and matching tank-top today honoring Em -
Neve Black

Kuala Lumpur…

um…gesundheit…? For those that don’t know what the hell a Kuala Lumpur is, let me try and explain: Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia, baby, where bright jewel-toned colors dance in the fabrics, where the balmy heat meets crystal, cool waters, and where fire-breathing dragons come to life in the spicy chillies found in the food. And guess what? I’m headed there in two weeks’ for my day-time, pays the bills job. Nice, huh?


Besides being located on the other side of the world from Ohio, it’s supposed to be one of the most gorgeous places in the world, so the 24+ travel hours it takes to get there are well worth it, so I’m told.  Kuala Lumpur also boasts a wide-range of delightful cuisine. I read that there’s something like 25 different types of curries available. Yes, I am going to try like hell to sample as many of those as humanly possible too.  Okay, so this porn writer likes to eat, but she also loves culture, which makes traveling across the world so appealing. One of my favorite things to do is to sit in a corner somewhere, sipping a cool drink; jotting my thoughts into a journal, while steeping in the sounds, smells, conversations and customs going on around me. 

Sounds fabulous, doesn’t? Well, just keep in mind, I will be working while I’m there, but I know a person can’t work all the time… and I can hear the beat of the Malaysian drums beckoning me to come out and play and I haven’t even left Ohio yet.


Kuala Lumpur is nowhere near Barcelona -
Neve Black

Hey, Baby…What’s In Your Shopping Cart?


I abhor grocery shopping. Okay, I’ll admit using the word, abhor is a bit strong, because I love to eat, but really the concept of grocery shopping…ugh. Let me rephrase: I love to grocery shop if I’m planning to spread my love of cooking and share a lusty and delicious meal with a friend, or two, or more…but other than that, for me, the weekly grocery shopping experience is just a pain in the ass.  I’m a Euro-trash girl at heart, I suppose. I city girl that dreams of a market that’s within walking distance from my house. A cute, little family-owned joint that carries fresh produce and homemade treats. I’ve found these types of markets all through Europe and some of the bigger cities in the U.S., like NYC, Boston and Chi-town. I love that concept.  I enjoy going  to a local market every couple days to pick up what I need, but the walking distance family-owned market and finding the time both thwart me. So, instead, each week, I write out my laundry list of necessities: milk, yogurt, spinach, empanada dough, bananas, fish, mew-meow food, mew-meow litter, etc, etc. Yawn – boring.

Today, as I pulled my basket filled of weekly food items up to the check-out stand, I took a gander at what the guy right in front of me had in his basket. I wasn’t being noisy. Oh, no, I wasn’t. Just curious.  I’m sure everyone does this, right? Well, anyway, it wasn’t necessarily what he had in his basket, but it was how he had arranged the food items inside his basket: heavy, bulky items lined the bottom and the rear of his cart, and then medium weighted things went in next, until the final lighter items sat weightlessly on top.


Then I looked inside my cart: there was mound of mismatched goulash-like of items tossed in with what appeared to be really no rhyme or reason. I looked into his cart again, then into mine. He saw me looking and smiled. His smile begged dialogue:

Me: “Wow. Your shopping cart arrangement is so impressive.”

Him: “Yeah. There’s an order to it. If you put things in the basket the way I’ve arranged things here, *he waved his hand over his basket’s contents, like a magician waving his wand* then the checker packs them that way as well.”

Me: *Silence as I looked inside my cart’s contents again* “Oh. Well, it appears I go for the cluttered look. I tried to rearrange as I went, saving the fragile produce for last.” I felt proud of my response and felt a little better about my shopping cart arrangement, knowing that I really did have some organization shopping skills.

Him: *casts a disapproving look as he looked inside my cart* “Oh.”

Me. “Wait. Are you an engineer?”

Him. *bellows in laughter as he nods his head*

Me: “I knew it!”

Him: “Are you more of  the creative type?”

Me: *Ponders answer* “Um, yes. You could say that.”

Him: “Are you a creative writer?”

Me: “Is there a bright red sign across my forehead I’m not aware of?”

Him: “I took a stab.”

Me: “Well, that was pretty good stab, Mr. Ginza.”

Him: “How did you know I was engineer?”

Me: I smiled, but my thoughts screamed: *REALLY!*

Him: “No, really, I’m curious. Have you had some experience with engineering.”

Me: “Um…well, sort of. You could say that I’ve had some experience with engineer types.” I think I was blushing now.

Him: “Really?”

Me: “uh-huh.”

Thank God it was his turn to put his items on the conveyor belt, thus he was distracted from asking me anymore questions. I could proceed to pretend to peruse a house decoratoring magazine.

Him: “Hey, let me know if you’d like for me to show you how organize your basket some time, okay? *Hands me his business card*

Me: I take the card and smile. My mind races: *am I NOT getting hit on by another engineer? Is that possible? He wants to give me shopping cart arrangement lessons.* “Oh, okay. Thanks.

Him: “Bye.”

Me: “Buh-bye.”


I can’t make this shit up-
Neve Black

Gina Marie is My Heroine


We’re welcoming Ms. Gina Marie this week at F-stop. I met Gina, aka, Aphrodite’s Table via Alison Tyler’s about two years’ ago now. I fell in love with Gina’s gorgeous writing, zest for life and her love of nature. She’s as cute as a button, as sexy as a siren and I’m proud to call her my friend. I love this woman. Please feel free to join me over at F-stop and find your inspiration via Gina Marie…and careful once you get a taste of Aphrodite’s Table, you’ll never be the same…and me thinks that’s a great thang!


Feeling like getting really naked today -
Neve Black

Thriller, Crime-Drama in Cleveland…

…at the best damn art- house movie venue in the world, The Cinematheque. This weekend, my film hero, and director of The Cinematheque, John Ewing, who was by the way, recently interviewed on NPR, is showing some films that are crime-themed. 

Oh, be still my Hitchcock-Lynch-Tarrantino-esque heart.

Hace frio de Cleveland.  It’s supposed to be rainy and cold…so along with being somewhere in the beginning, middle and 564th edit of a couple short n’ sexies I’m writing, I’m also going to slip into a dark theater and experience a little thriller-crime films, Cleveland style. 

The films below are sure rubber-necking crime scenes I’m interesting in viewing:

AJAMI – Germany/Israel, 2009, Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani


TERRIBLY HAPPY - Denmark, 2008, Henrik Ruben Gomez



RED RIDING: 1980 – Britain, 2009, James Marsh


Be sure and check out the Cinematheque schedule for these thriller, crime-drama show times. Oh, and if thriller-crime drama films ain’t your thang, check the schedule each week for other genres of film. John has great taste and he spans the world searching for rare, thought-provoking films just for me and others that also enjoy great cinematic experiences.


Dark theater, anyone?
Neve Black

Month of Masturbation


Oh, I’m so, so, sorry to delay your pleasure, my darlings – and yes, it is a considered an erotic sin to keep such a delicious thing as National Masturbation Month from you. Yes, I’ve kept you waiting. Yes, I’ve denied your blissful release. Oh, and yes, yes, yes, you may indeed punish me later.

So with nothing but multiple orgasms in mind, please join me over at Shanna Germain’s as we celebrate National Masturbation Month, together!

Live healthy and masturbate often
Neve Black

Cinco De Mayo

We as Americans like to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. If you step over the border and into the country of Mexico, you’ll find very little cinco de mayo celebrating going on…it’s not really a Mexican holiday. Still, I am a lover of all things Spanish and I usually have some type of Spanish-themed celebration. Hey, I figure it’s a good excuse to drink Mexican beer, do shots of tequila and eat hot and spicy food. Ole’!

This year, I have a full-time and highly demanding job, a house I’m rehabbing that currently 1/2 of the basement is being excavated, a gutted kitchen, walls torn down, floors stripped and…I could on here. Suffice to say, the Neve Black pattern is full, Ghostrider, thus there will be no fiesta held at casa de Neve this year.

But still….I’m finding the time to salute to this holiday. To help get your tequila and hot and spicy on, I’m leaving you with one of, if not the best band out of East L.A.: Los Lobos:

Felices cinco de mayo hoy -
Neve Black