Play Misty For Me

It’s late.  NPR’s late night jazz fills up the khaki colored walls and white laminet cabinets as I sit at the kitchen table tonight and study Spanish. It’s quiet out.  Eerie-quiet, quiet. I can hear an occassional truck rumble across the sink hole in the street out front and the refrigerator hums and burps and as I take a break to blog these thoughts.

I feel a little like Clint Eastwood in the movie, Play Misty For Me, because I can’t help and wonder if anyone is listening to me out here?

I take brain breaks between past, present, and conjugation to peruse the internet looking at kitchen cabinets, counter tops and refurbished barn doors – I’m looking for funky and inexpensive as I rehab my house.

Hello? Is anyone listening?

I realized one of my New Year’s resolutions was to blog more, but lately, I’ve barely blipped let alone blogged. And my sincere apologies go out to all my fellow bloggers, because I know, I rarely visit anymore. No flowers. No love songs. No wine deliveries. No bootie calls.  Damn. I sound like a bad excuse, don’t I? 

Hello? Is anyone listening?

The good news is, school will be out for summer break soon, and consequently, I’ll have more time.  Yah. More time. More time for writing and blogging and just an old fashioned long over-due visit that includes a glass of wine and a little conversation.

Hello? Is anyone listening?

The minutes have ticked by and it’s later and quieter now. I can hear Etta James and some really great tenor saxophonist…I need to go back to conjugating again….


Thanks for listening
Neve Black

Sir Ashley Lister…


…exposes all his pink and very vulnerable parts (insert naked) with a girl named…Betty over at F-Stop today. Go check out the magnificant, funny, bright, charming, prolific and warm-hearted Ashley Lister now. Yes, that was an order! Meow.

Doesn’t all this exposure make you want to take a few layers off? Let me know when you’re ready to expose your I. *Purrrrrrring*



Neve Black

Siempre Hay Esta Noche

God. It’s been an extraordinary hellish day today. Thank God for health care reform, tinto vino, Spanish flash cards and Mrs. Elvis Costello’s sultry and very sexy voice set to low and calming on NPR’s late night jazz  – heavy sigh. Adios dia malo.

Neve Black

Excuse Me…Pardon Me…

but… I simply have to interrupt the Cleveland International Film Festival festivities to make a very important announcement:


The charming, multi-talented, witty, funny as hell, all around great guy and can’t forget, word genius, Mr. Jeremy Edwards will be making an appearance over at F-stop tomorrow, Sunday, March 21st…. And yes, yes, yes, of course, you’re excused to get up from your movie seat and go and read all about his thoughts and take a little peek at his image (s). Yeah, I know how you feel. I’m equally excited to learn more about what Jeremy has to say about exposing…himself.  Ahem. Awww…come on now, you know what I mean!

See, now aren’t you glad I interrupted your film watching ways?

Pass the popcorn, its Jeremy!
Neve Black

Torn Between Two Lovers


Tis me that’s made a pit stop, over at F-stop this week.  The image above is of me and the uber-talented poet, Steve Goldberg (Poet Steve was instrumental in co-hosting the extremely popular Poetry Readings  in Tremont, which will remain Alive and Kicking in each and every writer that experienced those 3rd Thursday events forever).

And the image below is of uber-talented photographer, Steve Mastroianni (Mr. Mastroianni is responsible for all the nearly nekkid photos of moi scattered on this site).

I’m hoping to see both these two artists as contributors to F-stop in the near future. (nudge-nudge, guys).


Pictures taken at last week’s 2010 Academy Awards Party at the world famous Literary Cafe -

Neve Black

…yes, of course…


NaNoWriMo has Script Writing Frenzy coming up in April. I peeked at my e-mail and account tonight and saw a message from Heidi Champa; letting me know about the Script Writing Frenzy and she was so sweet to think of me. Thank you, sweetie.

I’m excited about this and I’m grateful that Heidi thought of me and passed the word on, but…like I shared with her, I’m a wee bit busy these days, NaNoWritMo! You see, I have new, full-time job, I’m in school studying Spanish, I’m always working on a story, and I’m the General Contractor for the old house I just bought that I’m essentially gutting. Oh, and the International Film Festival begins next Thursday, plus there’s lots of great music to go listen to, gallery hoppings, and let’s not forget the wine samplings and tequila sippings…. so, you see it’s difficult to find the time. What do I do? Oh wait. I know. I’ll just stop sleeping. Problem solved.

Not really a solution at all is it? What do you do when you have no time, but there’s something you really want to do? I’m listening.


Neve Black