Ashley Lister Interviews…

me for his column at the Erotic Readers and Writers Association.  Okay, I’ll be really honest here, I almost fell out of my chair when Ashley asked if I would like to be interviewed for ERWA .  I looked over both my shoulders and then back at the computer screen…before demurely asking, “me?” 

Hmmm…let me think about this for a moment…interviewed by The Ashley Lister…for ERWA…? Um, hello, where do I sign? It felt like such an honor to be asked that I still might be breathless from the experience.

I’ve been a long time admirer of both Ashley and of ERWA, so I immediately jumped on a flight; lickety split and met Ashley at a very traditional London pub. After a few pints, some hearty food and good conversation, Ashley asked me some great interview questions and then it was time for me to come home. Good-bye London. Hello reality. Boo-hiss.  

When you get a chance, go and check out my interview, which is posted on ERWA now!


Feeling a bit like “red carpet” superstar right now,
Neve Black

The Comforts of Craig Sorensen


It’s all about Craig today -  Buddy Rich pictured above

Hey all you naughties, be sure and blog hop to F-stop today and check out how very comfortable the multi-talented and all around great guy, Craig Sorensen is when is comes to expsoing … his…um…his…um…hmmm…unless you’re ready to beg me to tell you, you’ll have to go to F-stop to find out! Yeah, I know. I’m a bit of a tease sometimes. Meow.

Please contact me directly at when you’re ready to self expose, baby.


Neve Black

Pandora Is My New Obsession

I kicked my Sirrius satellite radio habit to the curb recently because I’m not driving the distance to justify the cost. Just so you know, the cost is about the same as my new casa’s annual property taxes, or more importantly, a case of inexpensive vino. Hey, it’s good to know I have my priorities in order isn’t?

Now, let’s be clear, music is my friend and very important to my vital existence and lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in front of a computer: 9-5 job (blah, blah, blah) and then when I get home…I’m back in front of the computer again doing things like on-line Spanish homework, blogging, leaving a random facebook comment, or actually working on creating a pornographic tale.  While I sit in front of a computer for hours upon hours, upon fucking hours per day, I enjoy listening to tunes, without commercials and something different than what my Ipod has stored.

After saying buh-bye to Sirrius, I discovered a new obsession: Pandora internet radio. I’m not sure if you’ve had the pleasure to experience the coolness of Pandora, and if you haven’t please allow me to turn you on. Pandora allows you to choose from a plethora of various music genres. You decide what type of music you want to listen to and then voila! Music, nothing but what you want to listen to is all yours. And you can listen and listen and listen for up to 40 hours per month for gratis. There’s minimal commercial interruptions too. Fabulous. I told you it’s my new obsession. One of my personal favorite stations is titled: Ottmar Liebert. And dialing into this station has my feet stamping and my fingers drumming all the time. Swoon.

Here, let your ears take big bite out of this:

Strumming my pain with his Spanish plucking fingers,
Neve Black

What Would Anais Nin Do?


I’ll tell you. She would send me a nekkid photograph of herself, along with a piece of her chosen erotic words for an F-stop expose that would have made Henry Miller blush.


This week, our very own Donna George Storey is exposing…her mind and her body. Go check it out. Leave a comment and then…be sure to have your people call my people so we can get your “I” exposed-


Neve Black

Guilty Indulgent Pleasures

I’ve found this week:

1. Gustavo Santaolalla. His music moves me so deeply that I feel as if I’m being transported to another place, Espana to be precise. When I hear him pluck that guitar, it’s difficult for me not to stop whatever I’m doing and dance slowly and seductively. If you’re into Spanish guitar and you’re not familiar with him, you should run to the store or borrow his music from your library asap. He’s hauntingly good. He’s created music for films such as The Motorcycle Diaries, Babel and Brokeback Mountain. One of my all-time favorite CD’s is simply titled, Ronroco, Gustavo Santaolalli. Gives me goose pimples. I suppose listening to music isn’t really a guilty, indulgent pleasure, unless of course you feel compelled to strip off all your clothes and do that seductive, slow dance buck-ass naked right smack in front of your open windows, knowing full well that your neighbors can see you. Uh-huh, guilty, indulgent and so pleasurable.

2. Snyder of Berlin, Hawaiin Sweet Onion kettle cooked potato chips. I don’t why I’ve eaten an entire bag of these this week, but guilty as charged. They’re so good. If your grocery store carries them, I’d say, indulge, put a bag of these snackies into your shopping cart. You’ll thank me later. Yes, these are without question indulgent. They might even be considered sinful, but worth it.


3. Finally, it’s been quite a week for me. I’m tired today. I’m fighting a damn cold bug because I burn it on both ends. I have a lot of really good things happening in my life, to include this erotic life of mine, and some of these good things I can’t share with you yet (begs for forgiveness), however I did close on my new/old house this week, and someone special in my life celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday. Thus, it was necessary that I celebrate, so in spite of my sore throat and throbbing head-ache I ordered a tasty hoppy, red last night to bring out all the flavors in my shell fish linguine dish. Yum. Indulgent? Only if your will power and better judgment fails and you order more than one – Um, this girl has no will power. Oh, well. It was worth every slurpy sip.


What indulgent pleasures did you encounter this week and can/want to share?

Taking three Advil to kill the pain,
Neve Black

Happy Birthday, Pisces!



And what do we already know about these fun-filled, super sexy, warm-hearted fish? Here’s a list of fun Pisces facts I’d like to share with you before Roxanne commandeers (Crack! She has the whip out today) this post and leaves you with her romping threesome experience with her Pisces from my book, Sex through the Zodiac.


Pisces is the 12th and last sign in the zodiac. Pisces is ruled by two planets: Neptune and Jupiter, which is represented by the sign’s symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions. The element of Pisces is water and many Pisces are said to be psychotic (oops…) psychic. Pisces are caring and will take on the responsibility of looking after loved ones. Pisces rules over the feet and the best colors that correspond with Pisces are soft, sea-foam greens and pale hues of blue.


Okay, damn Roxanne, you’re so pushy today with that whip…geez, Spring must be in the air or something…



“I took some time off before searching for my next zodiac conquest. I guess I should rephrase that and say that after seeing Jack, I pulled the covers up over my head and decided to get lost at work before finally peeking out again for a breath of fresh air.


I needed a shoulder to cry on. I needed the comfort of a good friend, so I called my friend Gabrielle, or Gabby. Gabby is a Pisces. It’s been said, if you’ve been spiritually, emotionally or physically maimed by another zodiac sign, Pisces, the twelfth sign, can help cure you from whatever any other sign has ailed you.


After we agreed on a date and time, we clinched the deal to meet at one of our favorite restaurants for light appetizers and drinks. Sometimes it takes an act of Congress for Gabby and me to get together, because we have such conflicting schedules. Each of our lives our very different from the other and we have to work at making our paths cross. She lives in the suburbs with her husband and two children, and I live in the city; with Pluto, my black cat. When we finally do get together, regardless of the time between each visit, it’s as if we just pick up right from where we left off.


“Hey, baby, is this seat taken?” Gabrielle’s cute perky voice asked me as she placed her hand on top of the barstool next to mine.


“Gabby! Hi!” I said, and helped pull the barstool out for her.


Gabby looked great, like always. She had a cropped black sweater on under a white, tee-shirt. The swell of her breasts peeked out from the scoop of her tee-shirt’s neckline. She wore a wide black belt around her blue jeans, and it sat low on her small hips; accentuating her high, firm bubble-butt. 


She ordered a pomegranate martini and as her lips parted around the rim of the glass; sipping her first tiny taste of the potent, crystallized red drink, I found myself licking my lips as I watched her. I thought about how erotic it would feel if just the tips of our tongues touched the liquid inside the glass at the same time; savoring the sweet and tangy from the other’s tongue.


Her natural wavy brown hair has amber hues running through it, and it sits just pass her small shoulders. Her round, compassionate, milk chocolate eyes peek behind long wispy bangs, which she brushes away from her high cheek bones, button nose and glossy, pursed lips. Gabby is gorgeous, but she doesn’t think so; making her seem all the more beautiful to me.


“How are you?” We both asked at the exact same time, after taking more sips of our cocktails.


“You go first.” I said giggling.


“Everything is good. The boys are good, Ron is good. Life is good, Roxy. I want to know all about your sexual adventures with the zodiac signs. How was my sign, the Pisces?” The black pupils in her eyes widened in excitement; making her milk-chocolate brown eyes look like dark, bitter sweet. I smiled at her, taking another sip before answering.


“You’re funny, Gabby. I haven’t been with a Pisces yet. It’s going well though. I think I’m ahead of schedule. Let’s see, Aries, check. Cancer, check. Capricorn, check. Gemini, check, check. Leo, check. Virgo, check. It’s late April and I’m nearly half way through.” I said, smiling.


 “Oh. You mean you’re not sleeping with each zodiac sign within the month they were born? You didn’t have sex with the Capricorn in January, or the Aries in April?” She questioned.


“No. I’m just riding the celestial pony in the direction its going.  I put my goal out into the universe and I’m letting her send me the zodiac signs as she sees fit. It seems to be working.”  I smiled again. It felt good to be spending time with Gabby.


“Roxy, I have to say, I’m a tad envious of you. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love my life. I love Ron, but God, trying every pair of zodiac shoes on, well…it makes we want to tag along with you.” She said confessing quietly, but with a naughty smile.


“Why I am not surprised?” I smiled over at her, winking. “If you’re not careful, I may ask you to be my Pisces lover, Gabby.” I said teasingly.


“Really?” She asked. Her eyes were luminous and big.


“Gabby, I’m kidding. Can you imagine? Ron would fucking kill you and then he’d kill me if we slept together.” I said shaking my head in paralyzed fear. Gabby’s husband Ron was a Virgo.


“Not if I let him watch.” She said, beguiling, while she raised her glass to her lips and took another sip.


“Oh. My. God. You’re serious, aren’t you?” I turned my head and stared at her.


“Ron will think he’d died and gone to heaven if he could just sit there and watch while we, well, you know…fucked.” She said, lowering her voice again.


“Are you sure?” I asked, while searching her face for a sign of uncertainty.


I’d known Gabby long enough to identify her body language. She tilted her head down and looked up at me with just her eyes.


She was serious….”



I’m sorry, but Roxanne is so damned sassy today. She won’t give it up (shocking, yes, I know)…the rest of the story that is. Um,  but as a suggestion, you could always buy the book and read the happy fish ending. J



Happy Birthday Pisces
Neve Black

Expose The Naked…I

Today is the first official day of the spanking new website, F-stop, Exposing the Naked I. And I am so damn proud to be part of the team that gave birth to this idea several months ago. The intent of F-stop is to continue to expand and evolve. I envision this site as a collaborative smorgasbord of various artists – artists that have a place to go and expose their innermost thoughts and artistic ideas with other like-minded artists. I suppose F-stop to me is much like one of your favorite books. You know which books I’m referring to, right? A book you fell madly in love with years ago, or maybe one you’ve discovered fairly recently. A book that has more than of its pages dog-eared, is a little stained, worn and tattered from many of your pondering revisits.  A book that continues to surprise you each time you pick it up. These books offer you the most inspiration and provide you with the most introspection and provocation.

So, with all that said, take a peek into F-stop, Exposing the Naked I today and read the debut essay and expose’ about the incredibly talented, hard-working and highly prolific, warm, sensitive and of course, uber-sexy Ms. Shanna Germain.

And please contact me if you’re interested in exposing your naked I. I speak for all three of us when I say we’d surely love to get you naked.


Dog-eared and tattered,
Neve Black

De la uva de la vida…


…is great name for a wine grotto, don’t cha’ think? It translates from Espanol to English as: the grape of life. I told you I had vino on my mind lately. And I’m blaming all my vino consumption combined with my fascination with how to say words related to vino in Espanol on the month of February.  It’s snowing AGAIN this morning…Oh, gracias a Dios el mes de marzo está a la vuelta de la esquina.


Adios para ahora
Neve Black

Yo Deseo Una Copa de Vino


 It’s quite possible that I’ve become a vino-tinto-holic. Yeah, I know, something new for a change.  I’ll admit it, I do like a fine glass of vino from time to time – okay, okay, so most of the time, unless of course tequila beats vino to the punch. I think my escalated tinto-holic behavior must have something to do with the month of February. February is Cleveland’s coldest month. And I think I’m frozen. Maybe this month is everyone’s coldest month, unless of course you live on other side of the equator, like South America, for example.

Tonight *hiccup* I’m drinking an Argentinian Malbec, Colores del Sol, and might I add, the colors of the sun are warming me up quite nicely.

Thawing out,
Neve Black


An old friend found me on FaceBook about 7-8 months’ ago. And yes, I know this isn’t a phenomenon for you reading this post, because most of us are all aware of the fact that old friends, relatives, and school chums around the globe are searching everyday for their long losts on FaceBook in hopes that their long losts won’t be lost anymore. FaceBook has miraculously interfaced and reintroduced people. And for me, it feels like the past, the present and the future are all meeting colliding in one place in time… (queue science fiction music, please) …and it’s kinda’ quantum physics-tricky.

Stay with me here a minute, I’m getting to my phenomenon point, I swear. I’m Neve Black the erotic writer, but there’s a lot of people from my past that don’t know that –Neve Black is my porn writing pen name, so for someone from my past to find me here in the present, with a different name, living in a different city and oh, that very minor detail that I twirl the pen of porn, well…that’s some fancy foot work on their his part, don’t ya’ think? I do. What’s trickier is this person is interested in merging our past with a future… and, I have to admit, I’ve always been rather fascinated with quantum physics.

What’s your past/present/future collision story?

Neve Black

p.s. the u2 video above has absolutely nothing to do with my post above, but it’s a welcomed favorite and Bono helped calm me down this morning while I navigated through snow piles and sketchy ice patches on my way to school earlier today. Enjoy!