Behind every great film lies an even better book. These are words that I have learned to live by after many, many cinematic disappointments.

It’s my somewhat very snobby film opinion that there are very few directors that can adapt a perfectly written story from a book into a cinematic masterpiece.  So you can imagine my shock when I learned the amazing film, Bliss, directed by, Abdullah Oguz, which I saw at the Cleveland Film Festival two years ago, was based upon a novel, written by, O.Z. Livaneli. Upon further research I learned that Livaneli is a novelist, politician, composer, and folk musician. He composed the music for Bliss.


Bliss is set in Eastern Turkey, where rigid old customs cling tightly against the modern world. It’s a story about a how three separate people’s journeys collide with one another, as they each trek across a conflicted country, while silmultaneously search deeply within their equally conflicted souls.  Note: simply from a cinematography perspective, the film is visually intoxicating.

 For those of you that didn’t get the chance to see this ‘must see’ film, or read the book (which I’ve ordered), Bliss plays at the best art house movie venue in the world, our very own little slice of cinema heaven, The Cinematheque. Show times: Thursday, December 10th at 8:20p and Friday, December 11th at 7:30p.



Neve Black

Wolke Neun

I went and saw Wolke Neun at which is probably the best art house movie venue in the world, The Cinematheque. Wolke Neun translates from German to English as, Cloud Nine. And this film was brilliant. It was hugely complex and emotional, yet at the same time, the theme was basic and simple, it was about love. It was a raw, voyeuristic approach into the life of a 60 year-old woman who finds herself in love with a man outside of her 30 year marriage. The ambiguity that casts its dark shadow over this film is incredibly powerful. I didn’t want to empathize, or sympathize with a woman that could do such a thing to her marriage, but I did. And like Inge say’s, “it just happened. I didn’t want this to happen. I didn’t look for this to happen. It just happened.”

Here’s a quote from the director, Andreas Dresen’s overview of why he chose to write and direct Wolke Neun:

 “It bored me that society is getting older, but there are no related images about love and sex. I thought it was important to show this part of life in a dignified older body – a comforting message that people do not love regardless of age. Although we live in a world where all have an enormous Kontrollsucht (control) but love is not controllable – the heart cannot be controlled from the head. “

The clip below is in German. The film last night was of course subtitled. Here’s the dialogue:

Charles: Do you know how 80-year olds screw?

Inge: No, how?

Charles: The woman stands on her head and the man stands over her and slides it in.

Inge: Laughter.

Charles: Laughter.

Audience: Laughter.


Wolke Nuen
Neve Black

Sommer Erotic and Neve Naughty


Next Saturday, December 5, 2009,  I will be continuing Neve’s Naughty Nightcaps at the world famous Literary Café.

And to continue the celebration of other erotic writers as well, it gives me great pleasure (insert heavy panting) to also read a few hot, erotic pieces written by the very successful, very sexy, spunky, fun-loving, tender-souled, talented and funny as hell, erotic writer, Sommer Marsden, aka, Smut Girl! 


Neve’s Naughty Nightcaps begin at 10:30 p.m. through the Stroke of Midnight at The Literary Café, located in the hipster neighborhood of Tremont. Stop in; grab a seat; order a drink and sit back and enjoy the auditory-voyeur experience.  


See you there -
Neve Black


Giving Thanks to Challenges

Last year right around this time, I posted a list of naughty things that I was thankful for. You can revisit that list by going here, if you’d like. And no, your eyes aren’t lying to you, another year has gone by.   flying-clock  Crazy, isn’t? For me, like for many people I know this past year has been, well, it has been challenging in many ways; challenging in both my professional and my personal life.

And in some ways those challenges have crossed paths, intersected and touched each other, which made things even more challenging. Now with all that being said, I’ve also been fortunate to get more than just a glimpse of a rainbow or two even though the sky was often filled with ominous, gray clouds; threatening to storm all the time. So I suppose I’m a believer that if life gives you grapes, you don’t let them dry up into raisin, but instead, you make vino and then you share your creation with friends. In other words it’s important to try and find the opportunities within every challenge.

Sometimes those opportunities are skimming the surface and ready for you to grab them, or sometimes they’re hiding and not ready to come out yet, but those opportunities are there. Here are a few  ways that I made the most of the grapes life handed me this year…I decided to make grappa…:

  •       Losing a job has made me truly think about my life and where I’m going. Its made me focus on what the hell I want to be doing. As frustrating and infuriating as this job loss has been, I’m actually thankful, because I’m steps away from moving into a completely different and more rewarding career.

  •      When you’re Down and out in Beverly Hills or, Cleveland, boy, do you find out who your true friends are. I’m so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends ever present in my life. And that goes for all blogosphere friends out here too. I feel the love, baby.

  •       I’ve been given the gift of time this year. I’m thankful for this wonderful, priceless gift and feel that I’ve used the time wisely.

  •       I’m thankful that it’s late November as I post this and it’s still gloriously sunny and relatively warm in Cleveland, Ohio. *Gets down on my knees*  Oh, thank you sun God for stretching out the gorgeous autumn season for as long as possible. Um, would it be too much to ask if we could hold onto this weather through March, 2010? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

 What are you thankful for this year? What’s your rags to riches story?

Neve Black


You’re Beast. You’re Man. No. Wait…

…you’re both. You’re a Sagittarius. Say buh-bye to Scorpio and hello to Sagittarius, the  ninth zodiac sign in the wheel.  Before Roxanne tells you about her liason with a Sagittarian, I want to offer a big, expansive birthday wish to a couple of our very own erotic Sagittarian beastlies: Janine Ashbless and Sommer Marsden. In honor of our sexy, talented and fun-loving Sagittarians, I’m thrilled. I’m excited. Oh, hell, I’m reeling with sexual zeal to read Sommer’s work during this month’s naughty night caps. Stay tuned this week for more details on the exact Neve date and exact Neve time.

Roxanne had plenty to say about her truth seeking sexy Sagittarian sun sign, so with no further adieu, here’s  an excerpt of zodiac love lustful romping with her bi-sexual, Sagittarian partner, Jackie (yes, a little female on female action) from my book, Sex through the Zodiac:

“…Oh, did you say you haven’t been with a woman fire sign yet?” Jackie asked with baited breath, while batting her eyelashes at me.

She had turned this uncomfortable situation around into something titillating and definitely sexual. I knew she wouldn’t just ask the question without having a specific purpose behind it. She was flirting with the idea of us experiencing each other sexually. 


Because Sagittarians are fire signs, I knew fire signs are forthright and rarely have inhibitions when it comes to sex. They jump first into the sex and think about the relationship aspects afterwards, so I acted boldly, because I knew it was a trait she would appreciate.

       “Are you interested in having sex?” I inquired with my index finger, lifting it in the air; dangling it between us.

Before she could answer my question, my peripheral vision caught sight of the bartender. His mouth was gaping open as he stood behind the bar, within ear shot of us, obviously eavesdropping on our conversation. He was pretending to clean a wine glass. I looked straight at him with my Scorpio death glare and he turned and walked toward the other end of the bar. 

            “Yes.” She responded quickly. “I’ve fantasized running my tongue over you no less than 100 times,” she said confessing yet another secret to me. 

Jackie started to suck on her full lower lip with her teeth. I don’t know if she realized that she was teasing me mercilessly. I felt my panties getting wet watching her. I crossed and then re-crossed my legs, trying to control myself. I wanted to grab her and kiss her, but I didn’t think that would be prudent. After all we were sitting at a bar, and the voyeuristic eyes of the bartender and the patrons were starting to observe our behavior.


The half-beast that resided inside of Jackie must have sensed my arousal, because she moved her face toward mine. Our noses grazed in an Eskimo kiss and I sat perfectly still, blinking and breathing in the Scotch on her breath, the oils in her hair, and the scant remains of perfume she’d applied earlier that day.

       “Meet me in the ladies room.” Her green eyes sparkled in rapture. She scooted off the barstool, reached inside her purse and pulled out enough money to cover the bar tab. She left the money under her empty tumbler and then sauntered toward the ladies room. She kept looking over her shoulder at me, smiling wickedly.

        “What is it with the fire signs and public restrooms?” I thought to myself as I drained my glass of beer and then quickly followed Jackie’s footsteps into the ladies room.

 The ladies room at the Five O’clock Lounge didn’t offer much room for sexual activities. I opened the door, walked in and then shut it, turning the button on the door knob so the door was locked. The bathroom was stark. The brick walls were painted white. The single toilet was enclosed with two metal walls, and a mismatched colored door that was sprawled open, because the door latch was broken. A plastic soap dispenser and white metal paper towel holder hung on the wall above an old, worn-out metal trash can that sat next to a pedestal sink. Water slowly dripped from the faucet into the stained white sink bowl. 

Jackie was leaning back against the pedestal sink. She was smiling at me as I entered the bathroom.  I stood there with my back leaning against the locked bathroom door, facing her and smiling back. It felt like we were playing a game, waiting for someone to make the first move. I could smell the room deodorizer burning inside my nostrils. Jackie pushed herself away from the sink and walked toward me. “Check mate,” I thought. 

She stood in front of me before closing her eyes and moving her parted lips onto mine. I closed my eyes and we kissed. She pulled back and then moved in again, this time harder. I felt the heat of her breath and I tasted the Scotch whiskey on my tongue. She pushed her body against mine as she drove her tongue deeper inside my mouth. She spread my legs with hers and then moved between, rotating her hips and grinding her pubis against mine. She pulled her hips back and I could feel my skirt being lifted up. I felt both her hands running up the outsides of my legs, pausing to squeeze my thighs, until she pulled me forward and grabbed the cheeks of my ass; pushing her body against me again she pinned me against the door. My panties were drenched….”


Yeah, I know that was kind of nasty of me to tease you like that and not give you the happy ending, huh? But guess what? You can read more about how Roxanne makes out, or gets off with her free-loving, bi-sexual fire sign dynamo. Yes. Yes. Yes. You can always buy the book, baby.

Wait. Do I detect a heavy, pregnant pause in the air from some of you naughties?

Hmmm…allright, allright, already. Geez-lou-eeze, you’d think I had my whip out or something. I suppose that  was sort of extra naughty of me to tease you so much andnotgiveituptoyou, so how about this as a form of compromise? Because it’s thanksgiving week, and I’m in a delightful mood…if you get down on both your knees and kiss, lick and suck my toes beg me…maybe, just maybe, I’ll send you a copy of the book.


Happy Birthday, Sagittarius
Neve Black


Allah’s Ole’

The video below is well worth taking the time to view. If you’re an artist of any genre, you will appreciate Elizabeth Gilbert’s message. She’s the author of the best selling book, Work, Love, Pray. It was our prolific and uber-talented Sommer Marsden, aka Smut Girl that turned me onto the awe-inspiring TED conference video when I popped over to her blog. Sommer’s poignant thoughts about the video can be read here.

And as an FYI, Neve’s Naughty Nightcaps will be celebrating Ms. Smut Girl this month. Details to follow soon. Stay tuned, all you naughty boys and girls.

Until then, enjoy and do Ole’.


Neve Black

Jog Hunting and the Holy Grail Saga Continues…

Searching for a job has me feeling a lot like a pin ball stuck inside my own Resume. For those of you that have followed along with my process of losing my job some mere 288 days ago, also know that yes, the initial layoff was shocking for me, but at the same time I was relieved. Deep down inside I was so insanely bored with that job that I went to great measures to stave off my boredom. Hence my porn writing ways were born.  Why did I stay at a job where the management sucked, I had to work every single weekend, and could have probably filed my nails all day and no one would have cared? Well, because besides all those listed negatives, it was also a pretty sweet gig: I worked 20 hours per week, but had full medical benefits, plus if I sold a house (I prayed a lot for this to happen) I would also collect a healthy commission. Did I mention that this job offered me lots of writing time? Also, there’s that minor detail that I actually had a job during this crazy-ass economic, rollercoaster ride. Many of my friends around me were being let go from their jobs, and having one made me feel fortunate.

 *thunder clapping* 288 days ago (but who’s counting?), I found I was also walking the laid off plank with many of my friends. I was eligible to collect unemployment. I had searched my brain and realized I had never collected unemployment, so I signed up for this, although, I struggled with this and still do, quite frankly. I hate thinking of myself as burden to society. I want to contribute to society, not rape it. Once I started receiving unemployment, I was able to sync up my monthly bills with my unemployment benefits. And shockingly, I was coming up short on the income side – yes, I can whirl a calculator when I really have to. To cut expenses, I elected to rent out my house and sequentially moved into my friend Natalie’s house as an interim to purchasing another house. To date, I’m still at Natalie’s house and I keep looking for that cute, little bungalow that needs some TLC and my great contractor’s vision, but like landing a great job, this process also seems to keep thwarting me.

Gawd, I just read what I wrote. I promise this isn’t a plea for readers to send me cash. It isn’t a message for pity either. Please, I’m really okay. Sure, I’ve had to make some uncomfortable changes, and I’m on a strict budget, but I’ve been thoughtful in my process. My job loss has led me to going back to school, which is something I’ve toyed with doing for years. I’m going for it. It may take me 20 fucking years to earn my Master’s in Spanish, but I don’t care. I’m taking it un dia a la vez.

I’ve been spending a ridiculous, inordinate, horrendous, outlandish amount of time searching for a job. I began searching for part-time work so I could study full-time. And I was really, really close to landing a part-time SEO copywriting position, but in the end, no cigar for me. As it has been said, beggars can’t be choosers, so I’ve searched for full-time positions too. Part-time, full-time, hell, all the time seems to be really tough out here as I pavement pound in search of the Holy Grail, oops, I meant a jog, nope, wrong again, a job. I’m searching for a job, man. Again, that’s not a cry for help, or me begging for money, I swear. Thank God my mom doesn’t read this blog, or she’d be calling me, “honey, is everything…okay?” Inflection of her voice peaks between the o and kay. Yeah, mom, everything’s o-kay, I promise.

I promise to all of you reading this that I am allright. I’ve had some good leads and I’m making progress. I am getting there. I love it when people ask me, “…so, Neve… how is THE job search coming along…?” My immediate response is to get defensive, because well, it’s been 288 days, for Christ’s sakes, but then I calm down and realize, they’re just asking because they care, or have an inkling about job searching, or perhaps they really do think I’m searching for the Holy Grail. So thanks for all those that have inquired. And, hey, sorry, if I bit your head off a couple of times. I’ll be sure and replace your head the next time I see you and hopefully I’ll have a job by then too.

So, to end this saga of an employment post, and to demonstrate to everyone that I really am o-kay, I want to share some of the challenges of my repetitive daily job searching (nanu-nanu) with you, because it’s my Neve Black, black humor getting the best of me…again.  Enjoy the chuckle:

·    Part-time Consultant Needed: David’s Bridal, the nation’s leading bridal and special occasion retailer, is expanding the services we are offering our customers…

That would be a negative, ghost rider, she said.

·   LPN with bowel regime experience- steady part time work.

This just frightened me. I’m sorry, but no. And fortunately, I’m not an LPN.

·    Financial Manager, best job offer ever (business preferred)

What in the world? Maybe I should write to this company and offer my services to write their employment descriptions.


Please feel free to send all cash to my paypal account (wink-wink)-
Neve Black’s black humor


Black’s Christmas

I know I speak of my favorite poison-potion, aka: tequila quite frequently on this blog. And I do enjoy drinking as much champagne during the month of November, because I feel I’m doing my part in the celebration of all my fellow Scorpios in the world. I’m just saying, it’s the right thing to do.

With that being said, I do enjoy a nice, hearty and flavorful pint of beer from time to time also…. I love the sound beer makes as it plop, plop, plops (hmmm…sounds a lot like flip-flop, flip-flop, doesn’t?) as it fills the sparkling, cool glass container.  I love the smell of the barley, hops, caramel and other secret and tantillizing ingredients that make that pint so special.  I have grown to love the taste of Cleveland’s very own, Great Lake’s Christmas Ale. And if you have a special place in your heart for the sound, smell and taste of a great pint, you’ll love the creation I’m about to whisper into your eyes:



    +      christmasale2     =


Black’s Christmas



Enjoy the “Black Christmas” season,
Neve Black

Thank You

I wanted to make sure to say, “thank you” to everyone that sent me their warm and thoughtful birthday wishes yesterday. I struggled letting people know it was my birthday; using the wicked social medians, both on this blog and FB, because it seemed a little very self-indulgent. However, I ultimately decided, it’s my birthday for heaven’s sakes and I wanted to share that with those that I’ve met out here in blogland. Plus, I certainly wouldn’t want to miss wishing others a happy, happy, by not knowing about someone’s birthday, thus my cyberspace birthday post.

So with all that said, thank you again to each and every person that communicated their very special birthday wishes to me yesterday. Each of you made me feel very special.

I’m not sure how many of you are like me in the respect to your birthday, but I don’t celebrate just one day…I tend to celebrate the entire month…yes, that is more self-indulgence. And go ahead and pour it on me, baby! Of course, the actual day is the most special for me, which usually begins with a telephone call from my mom each year. Her message is always the same: a pleasant and very sweet reminder that I was born at 3:00 a.m., many, many years ago. It’s a tradition, I’ve grown to cherish, I suppose.

Speaking of traditions, to further celebrate my birthday all month long, I’m heading a matinee today. Yeah, I know, watching a movie in the middle of the afternoon, on a school day, no less, is the ultimate in self-indulgence, isn’t? I’m very excited to see the recently released Coen Brothers film, A Serious Man. I’ll write a review at some point on my thoughts of this black comedy. Here’s the film trailer below:

Una vez más, muchas gracias a todos los cumpleaños de mis amigos los deseos-
Neve Black