Erotic Collaboration

It’s raining here today. And it’s cold outside. It’s a great afternoon to prepare for tonight’s Naughty Neve’s Nightcaps and as mentioned, I’m celebrating my friend and fellow erotic writer, Jeremy Edwards by reading a few of his titillating and stimulating stories.  This is a great example of erotic collaboration – two writers supporting the other’s efforts. Yes, it’s okay to admit that it makes you feel warm inside and mutter softly, “oooh, la, la.” I was even singing Cole Porter’s “Do it” for awhile, because it seemed fitting. Of course we erotic writers don’t *always* fall in love the way Mr. Porter’s chorus intended, but we do, do it and I think it’s really special and cool when we “do it” together.

It also seems fitting to have blog hopped today and read Jeremy’s post, which made me chuckle out loud, while sipping my coffee late this morning.  I continued my hop and landed onto Danielle De Santiago’s blog posting and found another version of erotic collaboration in motion, so please read,  Room 244, written by Danielle with an collaborative ending my me.

Feeling incredibly collaboratively fortunate today -Oooh, la, la -
Neve Black

*sometimes erotic writers do happen to fall in love with eachother, but that’s a whole other blog posting topic.


Mr. Chocolate Gelato

“Today is the Fall Equinox, the day when there is equal day and night all over the planet. This perfect balance between light and dark is symbolized by the Sun’s entry into the sign of Libra the Scales….” Tarot.comhoroscope.

As a water sign, I used to struggle making a connection with air signs, because generally they’re more cerebral than my sometimes over-the-top, and raw FEEL EVERYTHING scorpio characteristics. However, as I’ve matured, my old ass has wised up, I find I do enjoy the free-flowing and ease that air signs bring to the party.

Yes, as a matter of fact, Roxanne did have a splendidly grand time with her Libran lover in my novel, Sex through the Zodiac. Come Cum to think of it, her seventh zodiac sign was affectionately called, Mr. Chocolate Gelato, mostly because he was a scrumptiously dark piece of Italian dessert. Here’s a snippet:



“The minute we walked through the front door of my apartment, he slipped out of his leather loafers; took off his jacket and pulled his Prada bag up and over his head before he scurried into the kitchen; juggling bags of groceries. It felt as if I’d woken up as a character from a romance novel, because clearly, hot men from Italy, regardless of their zodiac sun sign, don’t usually make their way into my kitchen wanting to make me dinner.

Pinching myself, I realized this was real, so I decided to turn on some music and just try and go with Libran flow. The music I chose was a fellow air sign; Joshua Redman on the saxophone, while I heard Salvatore whipping up his culinary magic in my kitchen. I hit the play button; turned around and ran into Salvatore. He was standing right behind me, holding a glass of wine for me. I took a sip of the wine and once Salvatore heard the music playing, he pulled me into his chest; dancing slowly with me around my living room.

He took the wine glass from me and set it on my coffee table. He put his hands around my face; pulling me into him and kissed me on the lips. His tongue flicked inside my mouth. I was already feeling the familiar hum of arousal and my panties were wet. He bent down and lifted me up and carried me into my bedroom; carefully setting me down on top of my bed. My duvet cover beneath me felt cool against my already hot skin.

He unbuttoned his shirt; pulling it out from his pants. His skin, like his outfit was toasty and brown. He unlatched his belt and unzipped his pants; his cock was heaving inside his pants. He never took his eyes from me. He moved closer and lifted my hands above my head; pulling my shirt up and over my head. His mouth enveloped each of my breasts; biting into my nipples and then flicking his tongue back and forth; firing signals directly to my cunt.

He reached for the buttons on my pants and I lifted my hips up as he pulled my pants off of me. My panties were wringing-wet and I could see the head of his uncircumcised cock poking through the open fly in his pants. Salvatore licked his lips as he kneeled down in front of me and pulled me to the edge of the bed, until my ass and hips fell over the edge. He smiled up at me before his lips and tongue began circling around my clit. “Siete così bagnati, bella” He whispered. 

I don’t know exactly what he said and I didn’t care. I was lost somewhere in translation between, “Oh, my God and Oh. My. God….”


I know one very talented, erotic Libran writer - Jeremy Edwards – whose work I’m reading this up-and-coming cumming Saturday night during Neve’s Naughty Nightcaps at The Literary Café - who else is out here is also a sexy Libra?


Mmmm…for some reason I’m craving chocolate gelato -
Neve Black


Celebrating Sexy Writers

Dear Fellow Smutters,

Last month, as most of you already know that land on this blog, follow me on FB, or are on my e-mail distribution list, know that I started a monthly erotic reading series affectionately called, Neve Black’s Naughty Nightcaps, while being videotaped at the best bar in Cleveland, The Literary Café.


To kick things off last month, I read the adorably-sexy and very talented, Heidi Champa. I love Heidi’s work. It’s creative, fun, and loaded with hot description that gets all my juicy-juices flowing.  She may not know this, but I love that her first name connotes a sense of innocence, but clearly a name is not just a name my friends, because just below that angelic and chaste Heidiness, lies an erotic siren.

Next Saturday, September 26, marks the second month for this series. And I’m very proud to be reading the amazing penned stories of Jeremy Edwards. Jeremy has a way with words – steaming up the pages, while adding his witty sense of humor and pervasive charm. Jeremy is one of the first writers I met who swam over to me and coaxed me into the deeper end of the erotic pool after what I refer to as crashing Alison Tyler’s  blog/pool party some time last year. As parties go, one thing led to another and by the time all was said and done, I’d met so many incredible people from around the globe – I was giddy, actually I’m still giddy knowing how many very impressive writers there are that enjoy writing erotic literature. It’s really something to celebrate.

So, in the spirit of celebrating, I’m choosing to read a writer’s work each month. I can’t say that this series will last forever, but I’m booked for this month, next month and the month after that. If you’re wondering how I’m choosing to celebrate an author, well, that’s a good question and I’m a bit tardy in expressing my astro-analytical choosing method with you: I’m trying to do this in what I consider the fairest way possible, which is by astrological order, of course. Hey, it’s me, the lover and follower of astrology, what did you expect?

With all that said if you’d like for me to read a few of your hot, short-shorts, please let me know (black.neveat gmail,com), while also letting me know when your birthday is. One more note: I just started last month, and it’s possible that I missed your birthday (for example, Virgo, Danielle), please accept my apologies; just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll work you in – promise.


Celebrating Sexy Writers,
Neve Black

Back 2 Skewl

Much like Rodney Dangerfield, I’m headed back to school. Classes begin in one month. My goal is to become a more improved Neve, with an annual earning potential close to a million dollars, give or take a Euro or two. Wish me luck. ;-)

Yeah, I know Rodney isn’t very erotic, which is why I’m also including the one below too – this is Catholic school girls meet a new kind of social study:

Oh, baby, baby…Adios
Neve Black

My Prince

Someday my prince job will come…but until that happens, there’s always shopping… I’m kidding. I’m not much of a shopper. No, really, I’m not. But, I do have a few  weaknesses. I have a difficult time passing on a yummy pair of shoes.  *deep breath* And not just the sky-scraper high, elegant swoop or the ultra-feminity of a delicate ankle strap found when perusing the women’s shoe department for a fine pair of FM pumps. You see, I also have an absurd obsession for flip-flops too: I own no less than a dozen of the $.69 specials that offer little to no arch support and I’m told recently that bacteria love to hide on/in/around/below them. Make no mistake about it; I take very good care of my flops and FM shoes. I feel confident that they’re bacteria-ridden.

I do go a little over-board when shopping for specific items that are called for in a recipe, when I’m preparing a delightful dinner and tantalizing dessert for my friends, a lover, or both. But other than shoes and dinner ingredients, I’d rather save all my pennies, nickels and dimes for my next travel destination.

Suffice to say; when it comes to shopping, I’m the last person to own the latest and the greatest doo-hickey, electronic gadget. But today when I ordered these babies - 


*the sunglasses, not the prince-looking guy wearing them*, I was quite tickled with my extravagant purchase. And NOT because they were absorbingly expensive either, but because well, it’s not something I would normally buy. Look, must I point out to all of you that these go on your eyes, and in your ears, not in your belly, or on your feet! I”ve moved into all new shopping territory here.

With my penchant to run outside nearly every day, I will be able to download Spanish and listen and speak in Espanol as I trek around Cleveland. I wish I’d thought of this idea three or four months ago, when the weather wasn’t moving out of the warm and into the cold, but I do have some time left in the season. The Spanish is my way of refreshing my “back in the day” college course studies, while simultaneously improving my marketability for finding that prince, damn, I mean job. No really, I swear.


Vaya con MP3 Sunglases
Neve Black


p.s. I forgot to mention that I’ve been known to swoon over a great-looking hat. I must have close to as many hats as flops. I do shop for the vintage bargains though.