Summer Trimming

I had to trim back my wild, and crazy bush this morning. I can’t believe how burly and out of hand she gets if left unattended. It must be all this glorious sunshine and sultry humidity, along with good nutrients, and fresh sparkling water that’s causing this unruly growth spurt to occur.

I decided to save the trimmings.  

I put each trimmed piece into a vase and have it sitting on my desk.  herbvases200Each, curlicue twist is either reaching, dipping, or bending over the sides of the vase; waving at me. The freshly cut trimmings smell wonderful too: spicy, tangy and earthy. Mmmm….

How’s your landscaping coming along this summer?

Herb Summer trimmings,
Neve Black

The King’s English

I watched the first season of a guilty pleasure television show recently, Californication.

I’m not sure if anyone else out there watches, or has watched this show, but in a nut-shell the main character, Hank Moody, played by David Duchovony is a writer from NYC, who has reluctantly transplanted to the City of Angels, because his most recent book was made into a Hollywood movie (poor baby).

He hates L.A. and he’s a writer that can’t write. He’s lost his muse (woman) and consequently, he’s depressed. Fortunately, by the grace of God, he somehow manages to medicate his depression by fucking many, many women (poor baby).  He is an accomplished writer, that can’t write. Oh, I’ve mentioned this already, haven’t I? Sorry, it’s important to this post, because believe it or not, there is a point I’m getting at here.  As the first season heats up, Hank is manipulated by the anti-Christ, which is L.A., to begin blogging for an e-zine. 

His blog posts are dripping with ridicule and angst. However, once you get past the self-loathing, self-absorbed and egocentrism his character personifies, there are some very interesting points in his soliloquy blog thoughts.  Afterall, the show is very well written. Some of those points struck a chord with me, not just because of my long-time love/hate affiar with Los Angeles, but in one episode he touches upon a topic most writers love to sink their teeth into, the desecration of the English language. 

How many of us have stood in an aisle at our local convenient store, pondering what brand of item we should buy and overheard the conversation between two teenagers and literally gasped at their use of language? Yo, yo, yo…what the hell language are you speaking ? Urban-Ghetto? Teenagers aren’t the only mis-users of language either. We hear plenty of adults pillage and plunder their way through the crown King’s English. Fellow erotic writer, Janine Ashbless touched upon this subject in a recent post, here.  

Still not convinced? Need another example, do you? Okay, let’s use Hank Moody’s example of the shorthanded language we use when text messaging, blogging and e-mailing.  He argues that technology is killing proper language. The term, LOL, aka: laugh out loud, is one example of how we’re killing our own language. Is that language genocide?

I use the LOL acronym rather affectionately out here on the 21st Century’s communication highway. It’s quicker and I’ve got things to do. Damn.  I am shortcutting language, aren’t I? What’s the punishment for language genocide? Grey matter shrinkage.

When I miss out on properly infused prose and thoughful, as well as proper discord of how funny I think someone, or something is; essentially, I’m not using my noggin to it’s greatest potential. Fuck. I hate that. Don’t you?

I suppose I’m either part of the problem, or part of the solution. I guess we all have to agree that there is a problem though. Problem? Is there a problem? I guess it depends on who you’re talking to.  I had an interesting conversation with a couple intellectually accomplished guys  about the shorthand of language used in cyber communcation. Specically, how LOL relates to the ongoing erosion of the English language. Both of them are a generation behind me. They argued that the English Language is evolving and that adopting shorthanded acronyms is simply part of the natural selection. What? Where’s Darwin when you need him? Not only is this acceptable and fashionable today, but don’t be surprised to find shorthanded words, such as LOL in a newly, and ahem, abridged dictionarys.  Huh? Coud they be correct?  I need Shakespeare to clear this up.

Okay, so let’s just say that we all agree it’s okay to adop shorthanded words into the English Language, as we grow and change as a society. But shouldn’t we all be versed in the long-handed fundamentals before we start shortening it?

What are your thoughts?


Here’s my longhanded LOL: Your words made me laugh so hard, my round, flushed cheeks were sore for days. Or – Your pronounced wit and clever delivery had me tickled in bazooka bubble gum pink from head to toe.


Awww, shit. LOL is a hell of lot easier! 
Neve Black

Brand New Day

I woke up for the first time in long time this morning feeling good about today. I think I actually slept the entire night.  

I don’t know why I’m feeling this zealous boost of  renewed energy, although it may have something to do with the fact that I know where I’m going to be living for the next month or two. Now, for some people that’s no big deal.  There are those that can shove a few items into a backpack, strap it on…the backpack….grab their guitar, without it’s protective case, gasp! And head for the aeropuerto.  But for this penner of porn, I was feeling a wee bit, *snap, snap* searching for a good word, ahhh, insecure about my next living sit-shee-ashon.

I wonder if my parents and my grandparents, who lived through the Great Depression often pondered their existence and what the hell was happening to the world that they lived in? I’m nodding my head, saying “hell yes they did!” Because I know for certain they did. I watched my grandmother rub two pennies together and create magic in her kitchen.  Everytime I step outside, the world feels shaky and uncertain. It’s almost as if I’m living back in Cali when the ground shaked, shimmied and rolled whenever the tectonic plates collided.

Not really sure about tomorrow, but who is, really? But today, it’s sunny, the oppressive heat wave has been cooled down from yesterday’s thunder storm and I’m headed for the lake for a quick run, and then I have shit to pack and move.  Yes, I know where I’m going today.


Neve Black

Sensitive Cancer-Crabs

cancerYesterday marked the official day for the sun sign of Cancer to begin. What do you we know about these highly, sensitive, caring and often taciturn sun signs? Better yet, what did Roxanne think of the sex she shared with Ben, her Moon-ruled lover in the book, Sex through the Zodiac?

*Looks for Roxanne, because that was her cue. Damn, she was  just hear a minute ago*

Roxanne!? Where’d you go? “Roxxx-annne… you don’t have to put on the red light…” Oops, sorry. Roxanne? Where you be?


Hmmm…now I can hear voices downstairs. Hold on. I’m going to go down there and find out what that horny, Scorpion is up to now.  Here’s a fellow Cancerian, Robbie Robertson, rockin’ with Eric Clapton for your auditory pleasure while I’m gone:

I’m hoping the multi-talented, erotic writer, and Cancer Love Sign, Craig Sorensen will comment on not only the performance above, because as we all know Craig  is not only a fabulous writer, but a multi-instrument playing musican too. 

I’m also hoping he won’t mind giving us first hand insight of what it’s like being a Cancer-crab.  Maybe his talented wife, DeDe will give us insights into Cancers too?

Any other late June and into July birthdays out there? Please feel free to speak up, I’d be happy to create a mini-astrology reading for you. Craig, that goes for you to if you’re so inclined. :-)

p.s. As suspected, Roxanne is outside speaking with one of my male neighbors (insert shocker). Yes, she’s flirting and yes, it’s not even 9:00 a.m. yet. What can I say, her Scorpio sex engine never stops running.

Happy Birthday Cancer!

Who do you love?
Neve Black

Cumin and Smut Girl

cumin“I am cumming, cumin hear me roar!” Say’s Sommer Marsden. Yeah, okay, so I slightly embellished her exact quote here,  but she would accidentally say cum instead of cum-in… I know it!

Don’t forget to stop over at Sommer’s tomorrow for one hell of cumin spice blog tour stop.  Afterall, it’s Smut Girl, so I feel confidant in saying there will be wine served,  talk of sex and lots loads of cum-in. Won’t you join me, please?


Cumming Cumin tomorrow,
Neve Black

Shoe Envy


This isn’t the first time I’ve been tempted by the shoes of another. I’m working on a story and needed an image. I found these chocolate, sequined Manolo Blahniks -

Heavy sigh.

Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m breaking about five out of the seven deadly sins for wanting them, but damn, these are really something .  I seriously think if I clicked my heels three times while wearing them I’d fly right past OZ and land somewhere else - sipping a martini, wearing a Pucci scarf, while shamelessly canoodling with a gorgeous hunk named Massimo.  I also know they’ll  probably pinch my pedestrian, wearing flip-flop feet, but…*more sighing*…I suppose I’ll just have to take my chances.  


Swooning over shoes,
Neve Black


joy1I’m feeling much better today. I rarely get sick. I try to take good care of my mind and body. I chase the bad germs and thoughts away with a stick!  This week as I continue to pack up my house and walk through the obstacle course of boxes now piled high and wide, I learned the bungalow I’ve been coveting to purchase and MOVE into across the street isn’t going to work out.  And just like that, I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.  The good doctor also said I had high blood pressure. 

“What? Check the other arm. Your machine must be out of whack.” Was my response.

“ppppffff….chhccchhh…pppfff….”  Good doctor checks the other arm.

“Hmmmm…still high. What’s going on with you?” Good Doctor inquires.


“Um. Well, it all started when I was about three….” I started to say, chuckling.  Psychology 101 tells me I was searching for a comic bunker.

Suffice to say, I’m the one that’s out of whack and the machine appears to be fine. What do you know? Yep. I know. This isn’t really news to anyone, is it? The good news is, I’m no longer in what felt like getting kicked between the legs  pain and I’m a believer in what’s meant to be, is meant to be as far as the house goes. I’ll work on calming my ass down, which means more Yoga and less Spin: Mr. Yang meet Mr. Yin.  I’ll find another non-methane lab bungalow in my urban neighborhood to purchase, love, honor and cherish until the next hottie piece of real estate comes along.  Until then, I submitted a short story yesterday and I’m already outlining the  next story in my head, as I type these prose to all of you. The screenplay – well, she’s a work in progress, but she’s really taking some shape now too.

Thank you all for your caring and loving thoughts. No worries, this black pussy cat has at least five more lives and she always lands on her feet. :-)


Purrring and feeling healthier,
Neve Black

Black Down

Our beloved, talented and gorgeous friend, Shanna Germain wrote on her blog this past month that she was, devildog“as sick as a devil’s dog”  and I remember feeling awful for her. I also told her how much I loved that saying too. Think abot it.  It’s so appropriate when you’re feeling really shitty.  This week, I didn’t get bit like a tick, like Shanna did, but damn, I’ve been so sick; bit by one of the three devil’s dogs and thus flying below the radar because of it.  


I’ll post something sunnier and happier after the anti-biotics have kicked in and I’m feeling healthier and groovy. Look what eles pops up for devil’s dogs? Sinfully delicious aren’t they? Mmmm….


BTW: antibiotics are the devil dog’s cousins, but I’ll save that for another day.


Feeling about 30% of my 125% normal capactiy,
Neve Black