Spice Blog Tour

As the days grow warmer, things tend to get a little, spicier.  And spicier is very nice, I think.


Similar to walking along a winding cobbled stone path through a garden of erotic spices, the Erotic Writer’s  Spice Blog Tour begins at Donna George Storey’s on Sunday.

Don’t forget to stop and pick up something spicy each and every Sunday going forward at each of the blog tour stops below:

Sunday, 5/31:  Donna George Storey–introduction

Sunday, 6/7:  Erobintica–hot chili powder

Sunday, 6/14:  Neve Black–cilantro

Sunday, 6/21:  Sommer Marsden –cumin

Sunday, 6/28:  Kirsten Monroe–cinnamon

Sunday, 7/5: J.M. Stone–thyme

Sunday, 7/12:  Craig Sorensen–pepper

Sunday, 7/19:  Jeremy Edwards–dill

Sunday, 7/26:  Isabel Kerr–ginger

Sunday, 8/2: Marina St. Clare-basil

Sunday, 8/9:  Cerulean — rosemary

Sunday, 8/16:  Emerald–poppy seeds

Sunday, 8/23:  P.S. Haven–salt

Sunday, 8/30: Stay Tuned! Special Grand Finale!


Having hot, spicy thoughts,
Neve Black

Oye Como Va

I have all things Spanish on my mind today. I’m thinking about the potent smell of fresh, cut cilantro and virile Matadors. Escuchar cómo mi ritmo va, bebé

Estoy muy bien,
Neve Black

Ouch. It’s going to rain

I’m nearing the final stretch of a story, okay, it’s a novella I’ve been focusing on over the past few weeks. I’m at…hold on, let me go check… 17,840 words. I’m coming around the bend. I’m almost done. Well, almost done with the first round, because then the real games begin. I go into edit mode and read and re-read and re-define and read and then re-read and edit, edit, edit until it meets my anal retentive standards and hope and pray the editor and publisher likeee it too.

I do take breaks from writing. I jump over to my screenplay and tap, tap, tap the keys and work on that for awhile. I’m having the most fun writing in screenplay format too.  I’ve also started to write my piece for the sexy, summer spice blog tour about one of my favorite spices, cilantro. The weather has been so beautiful, and I’ve outside taking long walks, or getting in a few good runs over the long weekend. 

spinThis morning I went to 90 minute Spin class. Why did I do that? Fuck, I’m still asking myself that question. I don’t know. My legs are still shaking from that crazy-ass class.

I blog hopped a little today too.  I stopped into DGS and found she’d been interviewed over at Logical Lust, so of course I had to read her interview and leave a comment. I stopped over at Alison’s  blog today too. She had a dream about being a man. Hmmm…there seems to be rashing of this going on lately. Go here to learn more.  I also learned Alison’s new contest is about Matadors. Matadors? Yes, Matadors. I love all things Spain, so you know I’ll be writing a quicky piece (250 words) for that contest.  Ole’.

It’s going to rain because my head is a human barometer.  The rain must have something to do with a low pressure cell over the Dakota’s. Low pressure cells are a weather persons wet dream, I think.  My head is pounding, so I popped a couple of these. advil2 I know there are probably far better items I can purchase for sinus pressure, but ibuprofen is my drug God. Cramps? Pop three of these babies.  Too much tequila the night before? No worries, two of these with a quart of H20 and you’ll be back to drinking in no time. Sore muscles from getting your groove on, or running to hard trying to impress your lover?  Take two, hell, take three. Euthanize it baby, with Advil.

I’m also munching on these too. peas1  Wasabi is good for sinus pressure pain too. I find I don’t really peas very much though.  Yes, I do happen to have the wasabi covered almonds, but I grabbed the peas instead.




Happy Memorial Day!
Neve Black

Loli and Lightning Bugs

The weather has been very cooperative these past few days. It’s warm.  It’s sunny. And there are blue skies for miles. I’m hoping the fireflies (lighting bugs) will be out tonight. Those little nocturnal lanterns keep Loli busy for hours when she’s visiting me and I’m cranking out a story that has a deadline chasing my tail.

greenfairy_fairyvibe3Loli is here for the weekend. She got to my house late last night, shortly after the Cav’s game. Loli say’s it was her sexy, magic fairy dust sprinkled on Le Bron James hands – just before he made that long *shot* to win the game!

  Hmmmm…I know Loli’s fairy dust is pretty potent, so anything is possible, I suppose.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going with Loli crashing here for the weekend. I’ve mentioned that she’s a mischevious little fairy. There’s no telling what can happen.

Praying for lighting bug baby sitters,
Neve Black

IXFF2 Second Coming

The best of Good Vibrations Independent Erotic Films of 2007 was here in Cleveland last night. It was better than I expected.  The films consisted of twelve, 10 minute or less (short) erotic, and amateur films. Of course my mind is plotting on how I’m going to create a film and enter it into the festival for next year. Um, the deadline is June 30th. Minor detail.

It’s not a secret that I love erotic literature. I also love film: Last night was like combining two great lovers at the same time for me. Oooooh, la, la.  Menage a  film/writing. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump…there goes my pulse rate.

I mentioned that Carol Queen, Sexologist for Good Vibrations was going to be here; promoting the film’s tour. She was. I met her. Well, to be honest, I sought her out like a heat seeking missle.

“I wish I knew you before *coming* to Cleveland. I would have loved to have organized a reading.” She said to me with refined exuberance.

Pause. “Swoon.” I sighed to myself, before saying, “I’d love to do something like that…with you.  [fumbles in my handbag for a business card] Please let’s keep in touch.” I managed to say with some intelligence, while praying I didn’t have anything stuck in my teeth. I was tickled pink from head to toe.

The films were about to start. Carol was planning to speak to a room full of erotic filmies (film goers).

“Neve, it’s great meeting you.” Carol said.

Pause. [more swooning]. “Great meeting you too, Carol.” I responded and shifted into business mode, and shook her hand.

She’s an incredibly, dynamic woman.

Is it redundant to say, Carol knows her sex? She does. She’s an eloquent speaker. Like a good lube, she has a humorous and matter-of-fact approach to sex that puts the audience at ease. The audience last night knew EXACTLY what we were getting ourselves into, so we didn’t need a whole lot of lube.  Let’s just say, I think everyone was ready to go. 

The tour will be stopping in Austin, New Orleans, and Boston to name a few cities mentioned last night before heading back home to San Fransisco.  If it’s near your city, check it out.


I have short film making on my mind -
Neve Black

Erotic Shorts

erotic-filmare coming to Cleveland, Ohio.  I think I died and went to heaven when I found out about this. Then I learned  Good Vibrations  is sponsoring this erotic film extravaganza.  Swoon.

According to the information I’ve read, Carol Queen is going to be there speaking prior to the film. Wow!

I’m only slighty over the moon about this. Can you tell? Did I mention I’m going? Oh, I’m so going. I thought about camping in the Cedar Lee Theater parking lot tonight, so I won’t miss the 730 p.m. show tomorrow night, but I was told that might be a bit too ambitious.  

Hmmm…would it be too ambitious if I asked Carol to autograph one of my vibrators? Yes? No?

Indie Films and Erotica? Is it my birthday?
Neve Black

O&C: Boulder’s Best Seller List


This exciting e-mail message and image slipped into my inbox yesterday from Jordan and Samantha, editors for the book, Oysters & Chocolate, Erotic Stories of Every Flavor.

I couldn’t help but notice fellow contributor,  Jeremy Edwards had posted this exciting news too.  Wait. There’s more good news!  If you happen to be in the Big Apple on Thursday, Jeremy will be reading an excerpt from his sexy contributing story, Human  at Rachel Kramer Bussel’s  famous event, In the Flesh.

I can’t be there, but I am there in spirit. ;-)

Congratulations to Oysters & Chocolate!
Neve Black

Gemini Twins


Wednesday, May 20th marks the end of Taurus, the bull and the beginning of Mercury ruled, and highly communicative sun sign of Gemini – the Yin/Yang twins.

What do we know about those born in late May and June? Geminis are represented by the water bearer, but Geminis are air signs. Air signs are highly communicative and use a cerebral approach in their process of making decisions. Most of you are probably thinking that all signs do this naturally, but that’s not really true. You see, water signs tend to make decisions based on their emotions.  Fire signs make quick decisions, whereas, earth signs often follow their gut instincts.  When you think of Gemini, think of Spock from Star Trek, “Captain, that would be illogical.”

Gemini’s are known for their versatility and communicative skills that should ideally be used in a career. Many do very well in the media and are also the natural salespeople of the zodiac. They do doing well in retail sales, advertising and in publishing or travel.”  On-line Astrology Source.

I think Gemini’s are two halves of one whole. Or at least all the Gemini women I’ve known personally have possessed this trait. I’m a water sign, just like Roxanne. Water is emotional, as mentioned above.  I think that’s why I’ve always been intrigued with women born in the month of June.  They fascinate me, because Gemini’s tend to be less emotional when it comes to things like, okay, sex.  They just go with the flow and blend the mind with the body.

I also think they logically talk out the pros and cons with both their conservative side and their not-so-conservative side, until they’ve all reached a satisfactory decision that makes logical sense.  Personally, I think that’s a very smart way of doing things.  Don’t you?

sexthroughthezodiacI remember Roxannes’ menage a trois with her two Gemini twins in Sex through the Zodiac. Good Lord that Scorpio was one lucky woman that night!  Here’s an excerpt:

“… I found myself wondering what it would be like to get naked with Anise and her sister. I’m open-minded, but taking on two women, with two separate personalities added up to ménage a holy shit, five! I was horny though and I’m sure my libidinous body could take on the challenge. 

If anyone would be willing to take on this sultry Scorpion girl, it would be two Gemini twin sisters. Geminis are mutable signs, so I had no doubt that their flexible and adaptable personalities would be willing to participate in my randy idea. 

“How are you, Roxanne?” Anise approached me, smiling as she stepped onto the treadmill next to the one I was on.           

            “I’m doing well, thanks. What’s going on with you?” I smiled back, as I hit the treadmill’s button, ramping up the speed.  

          “Tom is headed out of town all next week. With Tom gone, I need help juggling the kid’s schedules, so my sister is going to come and stay with me for the week. It should be interesting. We talked about ordering pizza and picking up some beer and maybe watching a movie. Would you want to come over for that?” Anise finished, her brown eyes blinked curiously.

I pushed my blond hair behind my ears. I had perfectly good hearing, but the treadmill belt was noisy, so I naturally wondered if I may have misunderstood what she said. I looked over to Anise and she smiled back at me; her expression indicated she was waiting for an answer, so I did hear what she asked. “Is it my birthday? No. It’s March and my birthday isn’t until November, but Anise just invited me to come over to her house, and drink beer and lounge on her couch with her and her hot twin sister.” I think my mind was running four times faster than the treadmill.

          “We’re thinking Friday night. I hope you don’t already have a date or anything. By the way, how is your New Year’s resolution coming along?” she asked, winking and smiling at me enticingly.

It’s important to mention that I wouldn’t normally hang out at my married friend’s house on a Friday night. I was single and I had a resolution to fulfill, but Anise and her sister were different. They were fucking hot, and my strong Scorpion intuition was telling me they weren’t just having me over for a game of tiddlywinks. This scenario had great sexual zodiac potential. I was hoping Friday night would someday be inscribed into my sexual hall of fame museum….”

Happy Birthday Gemini!
Neve Black