Good to the last drop


First and foremost, I want to say thank you to our fearless leader, Sommer, Smut Grrrrl, Marsden for cumming  coming up with our whirl wind Blow Hard Tour idea!  Thank you for letting me be part of blow job history in the making too. It’s been too much fun everyday!

What more can I possibly slurp share with all of you that hasn’t already been  licked, sucked, or fingered at our sucky-fucky festival from one these incredible blowers and writers already?  What additional  load of fun can I give to Sommer’s Blow Hard Tour? 

So I’m asking you, dear lover’s of oral indulgence - What do you like best about giving and receiving the gift of oral love?  Or if you’ve been touring with us, please share if you’ve learned something new about yourself, or your partner (s) over these past 11 raptured fun filled days. 

Is it the dominance/submission of the act? The moaning magic sounds? The visual feast? The salty, sweet taste? The velvet feel of skin against your lips and tongue? Or the raw, sultry smell of sex that turns you on? Maybe it’s a combination of two, or perhaps you’re into a menage a many of these senses, all intermingling together that send you into  blissful orbit. Please grab two friends and cum come share your thoughts.

Oh, and it dawned on me that no one in their right mind, or thinking with the right head would pass up one last lickadickalicious story, right? Therefore the piece written below to end our blow job tour is appropriately titled in the header above:

Subserviently on my knees I yield to you and your beautiful cock. I close my eyes and give you everything that I am. I feel a surge of power bubbling up from within me as I lick and suck you. Your dick grows harder and longer against my greedy tongue. Zealous fists grab for my hair, while your hips move with me and your moans echo above me. My mouth and your cock become one. God, you taste like perfection. My pussy swells. I’m dripping wet.

My finger tips brush up against your balls and I push further past; searching for your sweet, hot spot deep inside. You whisper, “Please don’t stop.” How could I stop? But I do. My pussy thrums the words, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Our eyes meet and I slip my fingers between my legs. I smile at you as I begin to lick your delicious cock, again; tip to base and then back again with the very tip of my tongue. You shiver. I lick my lips and open my mouth as I take in each savory inch and swallow your bad day.

A deep moan of satisfaction rises from your quivering lips as your hips grind those last final strokes down my thirsty throat. You pull away and I feel the warm, white lighting spattering across my crimson, flushed face. My own orgasm spills over me now and I’m temporarily transported to another place.

We both fall onto the bed in blissful exhaustion. I see your legs flitter. Your breath is heavy, but steady. You move one arm up until it comes to rest on your forehead, while the other lies gently across your beating chest.

I raise my head and look up at you; lying peacefully on the pillow. You grin at me. Your eyes say with a smile, ”Thank you, baby.” And I move my finger tip into the crease of my own smile; tasting your salty-sweet cum lingering on my wet lips.

Licked dirty, clean,
Neve Black

Wait! Don’t forget to leave a comment today, my can’t get enough head friends. You might win, win, win a  blow job. Okay, sorry, not exactly. You could win a very large (but managable), thick and looong prize  though. Cum Come on. Give it up. If not for me, for the sake of blow jobs everywhere.

Also, be sure to check back here tomorrow,  or at Sommer’s, April 12 and again on Monday, April 13, Sommer has not just one, but two surprize guests to round out the tour! Yippee!

76 thoughts on “Good to the last drop

  1. Yeah, I love Alan Moore! Do you like him? He’s definitely a hero of mine. Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis, too.
    Meant to say earlier, I think this is my favorite line: “I feel a surge of power bubbling up from within me…” Love that. I love how the balance of psychological power during a blowjob can turn so quickly, almost imperceptibly.

  2. I’m not that much of comic buff, but I think Alan Moore is God-like. Is that okay to say that? I’m asking the universe. I don’t like to deitize people, but I think he’s brilliant.

    Thank you for that nice compliment too. I appreciate that.

  3. Donna,
    I take my hat off to all mom’s, but I remove my hat and take bow to those mother’s that are pro-healthy sex. Good for the self-esteem, me thinks.

    I just knew you’d still be in contact with that auditory man from college. Interesting that he didn’t remember. Lousy! Ooops, did that just slip out? Sorry. I bet he remembered, but was shy to admit. That’s so nice that he’s reading your work and sharing with his wife. Good for him! Good for you!

  4. Neve! Beautiful ode to the blow job; thank you so much. And really, this comments conversation seems to just exquisitely sum up for me the reverence, thoughtfulness, and joy of the Blow Hard Tour. Thank you all so much.

    Donna, I loved your talking penis snippet! So clever and fun and thoughtful simultaneously, none of which surprised me whatsoever.

    I hardly know where to start responding to all the things I found heartening and beautiful in the conversation of comments here. Deep appreciation for the parenting aim of supporting healthy sexuality in offspring. And cerulean, I loved your story about how you chose your handle/name.

    Thank everybody so much for participating in this blog tour either as a host, a commenter, a reader, or any or all of the above. I feel it has been a beautiful energetic offering, and I feel moved and appreciative to be a part. Thank you again Sommer.


  5. i find that all penises talk to me if i really listen. does this make me the penis whisperer?

    heh heh. cakes almost done. just popping in.

  6. Hey, Neve, I’m back from the store. First I went to Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck!) and got vegan margarine, firm tofu (no flacid stuff in this house!), vegan whipped cream (hmm, guess what we do with that!) and vegan chocolate chips. Then, I went to the regular store for the ham, noodles and other stuff. On the menu is ham (with pineapple rings and cherries, like my mom makes), haluski (an eastern european cabbage-and-noodles dish, made vegan), a marinated bean salad (vegan), a carrot and orange salad (vegan), a jello salad (not vegan), and pickles and olives. There are 2 pies for dessert – one apple carmel (not vegan) and one peanutbutter chocolate (vegan).

    Wow, you’ve been having fun while I was gone! Talking body parts!

    And – yay for sex-positive mothering. Donna, Cerulean and Robin, it’s interesing to hear you talk about your boys. I’ve got a teenage daughter (still in high school). Her boyfriend is visiting in a few weeks. She actually just recently asked if he could sleep in her room when he visits. The answer was, “uhm….NO!!!” She’s very sweet and innocent and I think she thinks they will just cuddle up and it will be all warm and fuzzy and romantic. And, who knows, that might be the case. But, he’s staying to visit for about 2 weeks, and I can’t imagine that young minds – and body parts – might not wander. So – it’s been a teaching moment. I can’t control what she does when she’s not at home, and I’m not actually trying to “control” her when she’s home, either. But, I want her to have good judgement and self-respect – and a little self control. I just don’t think it’s appropriate at her age. But, I don’t know what age she’ll need to be so that I’ll feel OK about it, either. When she is in her later 20s and she’s in a serious relationship with someone, I’ll feel differently, but for now, the answer is definitely “NO.” (Hey, and she should have to sneak out of the house to fool around, just like I did at her age!!!) Seriously, it does allow me to have that birth control talk again, before she goes off to college. She and I do have a good relationship – I’m kinda proud of that.

    Robin – that’s a lot of answers to my vegan swallowing question! I quickly read a few entries. Most folks seem to think swallowing is OK. One vegan girl claims she won’t do it with any meat-eating men. That’s certainly her right, if a bit limiting.

    Anyway, thanks for all of the fun here, Neve! I’ll try to stop back again later – gotta get cookin’!

  7. My grandmother’s apple cake. But I don’t think those are the cakes Haven was referring to…heh heh.

    On another note, I cannot believe that the tour is almost over and I wanted to thank everyone who played with me. And all the people who read and commented and came along for the ride, so to speak. Only two more days. Wow!

  8. Marina!
    Holy smokes that’s a menu, girl. Wow! What time is dinner again? I seemed to have misplaced my invitation. haha.

    Teenage daughters and visiting boyfriends, oh, my! I think this subject must be a very difficult one for any and all parents. I was somewhat of a hell raiser as a teenager. I remember sneeking out of the house to go to a party with my friends and hanging out with my boy crush at the time. Good God. What a dumb ass, because yes, of course I got caught. I was in deep doo-doo and probably had to say no less than 1 million Act’s of Contritions at church the next day. Anyway, like I’ve said, my hat goes off to all the parents of the world. That is a tough job.

    To swallow or not to swallow asks the vegan. You’ll have to report back on any updates you may discover at your dinner party. Okay, maybe not. You have to admit, it does make for a great dinner conversation topic, no?

  9. Mmmm…apple cake. I bet that’s moist and delicious. I meant nothing sexual by that comment either. I swear!

    Sommer, thank you for having us on the tour. It exceeded my expectations. I know I’ve learned a lot and it’s been such a great time. Thank you!

  10. Ah, parenting. My oldest daughter actually asked “I need to talk to you mom” when she was 18 and her and her boyfriend became sexually active because she wanted me to take her to my health care provider (who I raved about). She swore me to secrecy (she didn’t want him knowing she had talked to me about it). We’ve had a few talks since – she knows she can approach me if need be, but I let her make her own decisions. That was years ago. She never asked to have him sleep over because he lived in the same town and his mother would have a conniption. If we had room (we don’t) and they came for a visit, I would certainly allow it. My other daughter has yet to find someone and I do believe she’s still a virgin at 21 (she’s picky – she complained that all the boys she likes either smoke – a no go in her book, are gay, or already have a girlfriend). She also knows she can talk to me – she’s the one who already knows about my erotica writing (I’m telling her sister after they get all moved and settled). As for my son, he’s just 15, so far no girlfriend – we’ll see. His father was 15 his first time though. So we’ll see.

  11. I love going from your incredibly sexy post to your last comment here, ‘Mmmm…apple cake.’ :-)

    To answer the question of what I love about giving a blowjob, it’s definitely the particular musky scent of my boyfriend. It’s an aphrodisiac.

    Now I have to go see what started the conversation about Alan Moore!

  12. Hot piece, Neve! I love last drops. ;-) There was something for every sense in there and I loved how you covered (so to speak) both interior and exterior activity. Blow Girl Blow!

  13. Hi Robin,
    Thank you for sharing about your family. For the record, I think it’s wonderful that your daughter came to you at the time she was sexually active. I would think for every parent that’s a bitter sweet situation. You’re happy that they’re sharing, but saying goodbye to your baby that’s growing up and becoming an adult. Ahhhh….

    BTW: No way would it have ever been okay for boys to sleep over at my parent’s house unless of course I had walked down the aisle into matrimony with one of them. ;-)

  14. I wanted to say what a great time I’ve had today playing blow hard tour hostess. Thank you all for stopping by and making a comment, or two. We’ve really had some wonderful and insightful conversations on this tour and I want to give Sommer Mardsen a big round of applause. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!

    I’m signing off for now. Don’t forget to stop over to Sommer’s tomorrow and Monday for follow up blow hard tour special guests. Hmmm…knowing Sommer, it will be outstanding.

    Adios mis amigos y amigas

  15. just popping back in after a long fugue in front of a goofy movie to thank you for having us, Neve. thanks so much for being today’s stop. woo woo! :)

  16. Wow. I’ve been sick and fell off the BH groupie tour bus about a week ago. Am now dusting myself down and thought I’d start at the end (ahem) and try and catch up. I wasn’t expecting vegan semen or talking cock and cunt! Am all bamboozled. I don’t know where to go next. Are there warning signs? Rest stops? Water fountains? I may have to take a break already.

    Excellent fun. Thanks Neve, thanks Sommer.

    Hmm, now those aren’t *water* fountains, are they? Silly me.

  17. Hi Kristina,
    Oh, welcome to neveblack blog land and the tour. I think I read on fb that you’d hadn’t been feeling too red hot. You know a little love juice down the throat is sure to cure anything that ails you, right? Speaking of fountains…could love juice be the fountain of youth and health, perhaps?

    I’m sure I’ll see you at Sommers today and tomorrow.

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