I’m back from a trip…

around the world…from a cinema experience. I mentioned that I would be somewhat out of the blog loop because I was going to participate in the Cleveland International Film Festival. I averaged about two-three films per day. So, doing the math here quickly, I saw 25 deeply emotional experiences in 11 days. It’s no wonder I’m so damn tired today.

For some of you out there that also enjoy the genre of film, and your city is hosting such a festival, I strongly encourage you to go. It’s a wonderful, and magical experience. There were about 131 films offered this year and clearly, I didn’t get to all of them, but here’s a list of a few of my favorites:

All Around Us

Bahrtalo! (good luck)

Cherry Blossoms

Dunya and Desie

The Karamazovs 

The Tour

The Wrecking Crew

Neve Black

So many films…

so little time.  I’m really enjoying the Cleveland International Film Festival this year. I was lucky to get a fancy-shmancy all access pass. That means I don’t have to wait in the long ticket holder lines; hoping my film doesn’t go on standby and I’m left standing in the back row, or sitting in the last seat available, which is usually in the very front row. Nope, I’m sauntering in 10 minutes before and finding a great seat smack dab in the middle of the theater. My all access pass gives me FREE valet parking too. All this special treatment is preparing me for my red carpet walk at the Oscars some day, you know. :-0

I’m writing reviews on a few of the films I’ve seen and I’ll share more with everyone later next week.
Feeling very international these past nine days-
Neve Black

A blow job a day…


keeps the doctor away. That’s a lot more satisfying than an apple, don’t you think?

For…e…skin…ooops, I didn’t mean to say that…exactly…um and well, now I’m a bit flustered. I better start again:

For 12 days, yeah, I said 12, looong, straight days, we’re offering you, dear reader a blow job a day. Can I get a hallelujah! from you please. Yeah, baby, 12 suck, lick and make you squirm until you just can’t take any more days of blow jobs. We’re coming soon. And we hope to make you come too.

The blow job blog tour begins next Tuesday, March 31, with our Madam of Ceremonies, our illustrious, head BJ leader, Ms. Smut Girl herself, Sommer Marsden. I will be licking you clean as a whistle when the final blow job tour stops back here on Sunday, April 11th. Here’s the complete line-up of professional, suck you senseless erotic, ahem, authors:

Sommer Marsden (Tuesday, March 31st)

Alison Tyler  (Wednesday, April 1st)

Dakota Rebel (Thursday, April 2nd)

Erobinta  (Friday, April 3rd)

Cora Zane (Saturday, April 4th)

Heidi Champa  Sunday, April 5th)

EllaRegina  (Monday, April 6th)

Marina St. Clare  (Tuesday, April 7th)

Emerald  (Wednesday, April 8th)

Kristina Wright (Thursday, April 9th)

Isabel Kerr (Friday, April 10th

Neve Black  (Saturday, Aprill 11th)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Star Review

Here’s just a taste of what the luscious Kirsten Monroe had to say in her review of Roxanne’s sexual zodiac rendezvous’s:

“…Neve Black’s “Sex through the Zodiac” is such a delightful star party! As the playful main character, Roxanne explores all of the sensual signs
very thoroughly indeed and with panache and humor….”

Have you purchased your copy of Sex through the Zodiac yet?

Neve Black

p.s. Kirsten, vous remercier mon bel ami

First Day of Spring and Aries

I had a chance to get together with Roxanne last night. We had a great time and looking at my bottle of tequila today, I can see the liquid level is a little lower than before. As if that’s anything new, right?

To continue to celebrate Roxanne’s zodiac sexcapades; beginning with today and each month going forward, I’m going to write a short snippet about each zodiac sun sign, followed by an excerpt from my book, Sex through the Zodiac , Roxanne’s sexual zodiac liaisons.

Spring Equinox marks not only the start of a new season, but also a brand new zodiac year! Today is the first day of Aries. And here’s what I’ve learned about Aries sun signs: Adventurous and energetic, pioneering and courageous, enthusiastic and confident, dynamic and quick-witted, enjoys a challenge.

If you haven’t had sex for awhile, and you’re looking to get a little action, this is the sun sign least likely to tallywack around with matters of the quick and, ahem, dirty. Aries sex drive is raw and grrrrr, animalistic! Don’t forget to butter up their egos, because that makes them even wilder in bed.

Here’s what Roxanne had to say about her sexual tryst with Scott, her Aries lover:

“…As I reached the ladies’ room door, I paused for a moment, searching my mind for what else I knew about the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries love a challenge and this Aries man had just won a romp with the Scorpio girl he’d been chasing. I knew the lustful fire that started in his head was burning between his legs by now. Aries love the thought of conquering something. He was going to conquer me and I was hot and ready to be taken by him.

I pulled back the single door to the ladies’ room, and stepped inside. The dull beige color of the bathroom’s tiled floor looked up at me. “I suspect your boring beige life is about to get a little more exciting,” I joked under my breath to the unresponsive floor.

I saw Scott’s bright blue button-down shirt and the dark grey of his dress slacks as he was crouched over one of the bathroom sinks. He was splashing cold water onto his face and he turned to look at me, smiling devilishly as I walked further into the bathroom and approached him. His smile deepened as he reached for one of the paper towels; drying off his face. He was about 6’-0” tall; long-waisted, with long, lanky arms and legs, but he still had a muscular physique. I could almost see his cock twitching inside his dress slacks.

“Are you hot?” I asked, stupidly.

“You have no idea.” He said and grabbed my waist and pulled me into him.

Aries like to dominate. I was a willing participant. Aries the Ram rules over the head on the body and being this up close and personal, I noticed Scott had a few dents and scars around his face and bald head. Those battle warrior wounds were probably from diving head first into life with his Ram horns, which presented even more proof of his Aries nature…..”

To read more about Roxanne’s romp with her Aries sun sign, along with all the other zodiac signs she had her way with, purchase your own copy of Sex Through the Zodiac today.

Enjoy the first day of the zodiac’s, Spring day!
Neve Black

I’m a Tease…

But, I swear I’m not trying to be. No, really. I swear!

My website is coming.

Ask this non-IT girl questions about domains, domain transfers, domain pointing, and hosts, and I’ll be damned! I can actually tell you a thing or two about it now. Craig Sorensen might even be a tad bit proud of me. My brain has a new file folder titled: How To Create a Small On-line Business Without Becoming an Alcoholic. Too long of a title, isn’t? It conveys the right message though. This How To file folder is filled with lots and lots of little gems and tid bits I’ve learned along the way, because I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. I’ve learned the hard way. The good news is: I’ll never forget.

This website creating process has been a lot like a strong tongue leisurely licking my pussy; building and building and then just when I’m ready to come…the tool of pleasure pulls away. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I know when it’s FINALLY ready, it’s going to one of those memorable, blow your mother board orgasms though.

Until then, I swear I won’t tease you for too much longer. I’m going to let you all come…soon.

Neve Black

Note: These uber-cool pillow cases pictured above can be found here at Etsy.