The Blue Dolphin Motel

To support and promote, Rachel Krammer Bussel’s, Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories, contributing author to the anthology, Donna George Storey asked a group of us to send a quick and dirty (fiction or memoir) story about one unforgetable hot, hot, hot, hotel sexcapade. Oooh, la, la!

Won’t you join Donna in room 69 today at The Blue Dolphin Motel? There’s a mint on the pillow that’s calling your name, baby.

Dolphin = polygamy
Neve Black

Love and Lust…Notes…

Have you ever analyzed your notes with someone else’s notes? I remember in college when I was struggling with Economics. I would take copious notes, and meet with a study group and we’d compare notes. My notes didn’t look anything like everyone else’s notes. I got a grade C, where everyone else got A’s and B’s. Hmmm…it’s no wonder I ended up in the English Department.

Alison Tyler is displaying various erotic writer’s notes right now. It’s fascinating to look into the mind of each writer and get a feel for their story creating process. And just in case you were wondering, no two writer’s notes look the same and in Alison Tyler’s class, everyone gets an A+.

Neve Black

The Planet’s Prediction

“…You may be changing your living arrangements because of a change that’s brewing in your career. The full moon lunar eclipse may seal things on February 9, plus or minus one week. It appears one job will end and a new one will begin. I could be wrong, but it looks like you’ll be leaving one career situation for another. These two separate situations may dovetail at the same time, but if they don’t, don’t worry – your chart shows plenty of evidence you are going up, up, up the ladder of success in life….” Astrologyzone

I’ve been riding my part-time job with medical benefits pony in the direction she’s been going for awhile now. I’ve enjoyed riding this particularly filly, even though the trail was well-worn and often boring, because there was always plenty of out-of-saddle time to write. Recently, I noticed my filly had been acting a little spooked. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised today when she started bucking me really hard. I ended up cartwheeling out of her saddle and landing right onto my unemployed ass. So, it appears this cowgirl needs to find a new pony and a new part-time direction.

Neve Black

Best Original Screenplay Oscar Winners

As long as I can remember I’ve always loved to watch the Academy Awards. I would have given a body part away at the chance to attend the ceremonies in Hollywood. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I’d still give a body part or two away at the chance…to walk (I’d be on my hands and knees…crawling) across the famous red carpet. Very heavy sigh.

It’s a great honor to be nominated amongst the best of best in screen performance: acting, producing, directing, musical score, etc and of course one of the love’s of my life – best screenplay. As a writer, and a lover of film, I dream of writing a screenplay that somehow finds its way into the hands of a producer and director that share my vision.

I know that I’m a dreamer and probably a little (okay, so A LOT) delusional, but if you stop dreaming, I think you die.

Tears of joy. Tears of pride. Tears of honor. Those are the tears that were streaming down my cheeks as I watched the Youtube video above: The Best Screenplay Oscar Winners from 1940-2007.

Enjoy the Academy Award ceremony tonight everyone -

Neve Black

Academy Award Countdown!

I’m counting down the hours now until Oscar night, which is this Sunday, February 22 at 8p.m., EST. I’m one of the three divas hosting a red carpet party this year and I can’t wait! We’ll have a really, really, really BIG screen for up-close and personal viewing of stars and starlets. We also have a Master of Ceremonies walking throughout the sea of party goers. MC will be equiped with a microphone and prepared to ask the guests random questions about this year’s nominated films. And yes, of course MC will be inquiring with each guest as they walk the Hollywood in Tremont red carpet, “Oooooh, you look smashing, dah-linque! I simply must know…we all must know…who are you WEARING?” There’s going to be prizes given for movie trivia guestions during commercial breaks, and for a dollar, each guest can cast their official Oscar ballot and win the pot.

My pink ballgown, silver Cinderella slippers, long and sexy, silver gloves and bright pink boa with its silver flecks were all held captive and silent; hidden behind my closet door, until today. You see, as Oscar countdown gets closer, I start to vibrate with excitement. For example, I was bitten by the Oscar zeal bug shortly after I had painted my fingernails and toenails the ostentatious color, “Drama Queen.” Shortly after the polish had completely dried (no smudges for Oscar divas), I was consumed with the burning desire to strategically remove my complete Oscar ensemble from inside the depths of my closet. I simply had to display her proudly for my full, voyeuristic, pleasure. Now, each time I pass by “Pretty in Pink”, I wave to her. She flirtatiously winks back, as she stands there waiting patiently for me… and for Sunday to arrive…. Heavy sigh.

Yes, I am ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille -
Neve Black

Sex through the Zodiac, UNZIPPED with Donna George Storey

The woman of multiple-orgasms, oops, I meant to say, multiple-talents, Donna George Storey recently interviewed me about my novel, Sex through the Zodiac. We also talked about sex, zodiac sex, food and sex and well, more sex. Please take a minute and head over to Donna’s blog to read this really fun, and creative interview. I’m sure you’ll quickly realize how much fun Donna and I had with this. :-)

Thank you, Donna!

Neve Black

Neve Black Reads Nikki Magennis

Open mic at the Literary Cafe 2/12/09. Part1 from Andy Timithy on Vimeo.

The video above was from last Thursday night’s open microphone poetry reading at The Literary Cafe. I’m in the mix here with other readers (about 12 minutes into the video). My reading was short and sweet. Once again, I want to thank Nikki for giving me the okay to read two of her gorgeously written poems, Madrid and After Midnight. I’m slowly warming more and more people up to the idea of eroticism. I think it’s working, because I had a number of people want to look through the two books I read from, which were Alison Tyler’s, Flash Fucking (Frenzy) and Afternoon Delight. The feedback I’ve been getting is very postive and I strongly encourage many of the young poets (twentysomething’s) to explore the genre.

Neve Black