"Spending time in Cinque Terre…

unexpectedly….” Was the text message I received from my friend, L today. I said goodbye to her in Italy, as she elected to cycle and head north; hitting Salzburg, Vienna and finally ending up in Budapest. I’ve been receiving these sporadic snippets of her travel itinerary, via text as she cycles this journey alone.

As of today she’s back in Italy…the Cinque Terre and clearly one of the best Italian scenic spots I found when traveling there just a few short weeks ago:
“Arrived with toothbrush and that’s all. Used spaghetti spoon for a comb. Be home soon, L”
“Cinque Terre is a slice of heaven and please be ever so careful (not really) of those hot, Italians. I’ll see you soon.” Neve
“Thanks. Looking forward to it. Upon my return home, I’m planning on an intensive course of Yoga, diet, excercise, and self-help books.” L responded back.
“Sounds good, chica. Don’t you mean erotica books instead of self-help?” Neve
L returns from her trip tomorrow -


Seduce Me

Looking for a hot read this weekend? Check out Ravenous Romance and download a free erotic story and a chance to win a free iPod too!

Note: The official e-book launch for Ravenous Romance is scheduled for December, 2008, but go ahead and bookmark Ravenous Romance now as one of your favorites on your computer so you can frequent the site to download additional simmering, sexy tales as they become available in the future.


Oysters and Chocolate

Please join me in congratulating our fabulous friends over at Oysters and Chocolate on the official news and title: Oysters and Chocolate/Erotica of Every Flavor. Edited by Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade; published by NAL (division of Penguin Group).

The anthology will feature 20 erotic stories and is due out in May, 2009. Both Jeremy and I are two of the 20 chosen for this exciting and sexy as hell cliterature smorgasbord extravaganza.
Grazie molto voi due sirene sexy, Jordan and Samanth!

It’s Ravenous. It’s Romantic…

it’s both actually….

This image may look familiar to some of you. I was searching for a muse not too long ago. A sexy, shoe muse to be more precise. I found the image above and well, the muse worked. I just learned my story, For the Love of Feet is being published by Ravenous Romance - Sex and Shoes anthology due out sometime in December, 2008.

Please don’t forget to stop over and give the dashing Jeremy Edwards and the talented Sommer Marsden a congratulatory XO too. Both their stories are also being published in this anthology as well.
Have a fabulous weekend -
Ciao and Cheers!

Back in the USA

I had great travels in Europe. Yes, it’s good to be home, I suppose. I’m jet lagged as hell, but I’m ready to jet off again somewhere foreign and fantastic asap. Travel is so good for the soul, mind, body and spirit.

I don’t think anyone could have a bad time in Italy. The food, the people, the architecture, the history….good God did I mention how bella/bello the Italians are…? I think I must have fallen in love (insert lust) at least a dozen times. London is also fabuloso, although I was only there for a short time. I promised London I’d be back again for a longer visit soon though.
While I was thoroughly inconvenienced by traveling on planes, trains, buses, cars, boats and bicycles, I had the good fortune to pack and read Tasting Her, by Rachel Kramer Bussel. This is an anthology of oral stories mostly from a man’s point of view. I’m proud of each author and their very specific hot and sexy version of oral (cunnlingus). I can honestly say that I needed a cold shower after reading these tantalizing tales… or perhaps I felt compelled to pull an unexpecting Italian stranger into the toilet, but I’ll never tell.
Wait, here’s more good news: There’s also a twin set available too, properly titled: Tasting Him , which I haven’t read yet, but it’s my understanding these oral stories are written from a woman’s perspective…fellatio, baby. I thought, hmmm… twins really shouldn’t be separated, so I’ve decided to order a copy for myself via Amazon.
Do yourself a huge favor and pick up a twin set of this sure to get you fired up and ready to give and receive for yourself today. You’ll thank me later. :-)


bridges falling down, falling down….

I’m winding down my European vacation adventure. I head back to the USofA tomorrow morning. I thought I’d check in with everyone tonight (hugs and kisses) but please know I did just come from drinking not one, but two pints of lager at a brilliant pub located right around the corner from where I’m staying.

What splendid place London turned out to be. This place is on my list of return visits.

Anyone game?


Arrivederci la Toscana

As I reflect upon my week here in the tuscan region of Italy, I’m looking over the villa’s estate red grape vines and olive groves. I’ve spent most of my trip enjoying the sites outside; breathing in the rich soil, the grapes, olives, basil, tomatoes, and wild lavender. Downstairs in the kitchen (cucina) Rosella is busy preparing our six course dinner.

The delicious fragrance of chicken, rosemary, spinach, garlic, potatoes and sausage stir around my nostrils, teasing me until I can no longer stand it and beg for just a taste; please, just one bite… like so many of the sultry, Italian men have done to me since I entered into this country…. There’s a raw sexy vibe here in Italy and you smell it in the pungent air, hear it in the melodic language, taste it in the food and feel the heat and sensuality from a simple smile offered or a glance from someone you pass along the cobblestoned streets; leaving you naked and hungry for more.

Tonight, I’m kissing (baciare) this beautiful place goodbye. I’m headed to the region of Veneto tomorrow. I can see a fierce thunderstorm brewing over these multi-green colored tuscan hills. It’s yet another glorious event added to my journey to this wonderous and mysterious erotic place called Tuscany….


Gone, daddy gone….

You may not hear from me for awhile, but please don’t worry, I’m here (photo above) wishing you were here with me too.

Have a great couple of weeks and I’ll try to pull myself away from the all great looking Italians; both men and women, the fabulous wine, deliciouso food and oh yeah, these ancient and erotic fresco creations: Etruscan Ruins .

I will post when I can.

Ciao -Ciao

p.s. I miss everyone already. :-)